Box the Collector V3

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You command a square and must collect coins to gain points. You can challenge your friends to a 2 Player "Box Off."

I will be making a TUT flash on how to make a game just like this!

Changes from V2:
New menu's - Thanks FarewellToArms for the suggestion.
New backgrounds (Ones that don't look horrible)
Sound errors fixed
Scoring glitch removed

Working on:
Story mode
Better 2 player (i would like to add bumping)
much more.

Please report glitches in PM or below:


Could be better...

I see some improvement from your first two box games, but you still need some work...

Still more improvements

Change your start menu from being just Like.... what looks like paint, Make actual buttons maybe using photoshop? It would be effective as well as if this game had photoshopped graphics it would make something unique, but as for now.... maybe a 3

iamrunegecko responds:

i do not have photoshop ir i would use it.. lol


I think you just modified a tutorial on a web site. I remember seeing something exactly like this without irrelevant music and horrible bg graphics...

iamrunegecko responds:

i used a TUT to make this.. i do not RIP any FLA's from the web...


alright nothing speicle

i've seen many variations of this game done before

to be honest I think you're wasting your time for the following reasons:

its been done multiple times multiple ways
your hittest is wrong
you'd have to improve your graphics 110% to compete with the other variations of this game
its not really that fun

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2.04 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2008
4:35 PM EST
Skill - Other