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This tutorial is for beginners.


not good at all

this is the most useless tutorial i've ever seen, heres a list of whats wrong, hopefully you'll update:

there is only one music choice, which is off real bad quality, learn how to optimize your audio, you raped a perfectly great song by making it sound like it was recorded with a crap microphone

there is absolutely nothing stopping you from putting those text files for AS on the tutorial itself, forcing people to download seems dodgy, at the very least you could have explained what the AS you did put up actually did

basic tweening was a blowout, you knew your stuff when it came to making the tween, but you stopped there, nothing about when you cant shape tween, nothing about being unable to motion tween multiple objects at the same time, hell there wasn't even rotation! you could have at least said that you needed to use a different program to make that blur effect, expand it plz

and effect tweening epicly failed, the screen which the effect tween text was on was displayed for one frame before going to the AS oage for one frame then it went back to the beginning, i made a very precise screenie to see if what you actually had was good, what i got was utter bull, you only mentioned that it was POSSIBLE, and even then you only mentioned filters, what about tints? or alpha? hell even the brightness? and whats more you only said stuff that should have been in basic tweening. one last thing about this fail of a page on effect tweening original is not spelled opriginal, luckily the page disappears so fast people wont notice

and a good tut is not made of only 5 pages, a GOOD tut on AS and tweening could go on for 14 or more pages

look at a proper tutorial before making one yourself, who knows? you may learn something

i simply cannot believe this took 2 people to make

well, maybe you'll actually read this and make the changes to desperatly needed

It helped.

i had no idea wat tweening was so thanks.

not bad

not a bad TUT

Nah, thanks.

Of all the tutorials available on Newgrounds, this one just doesn't do it for me, that crazy music repeats all the time and busts my eardrums, the 'tweening effects' bit doesn't even show for a second to be able to read...
Wasn't a lot of help.
I'm really new to the Flash thing, so I'm really enjoying all the tutorials that people have put together, but try put them together properly so that they stand out as a good example of what is capable with the tools.

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Nov 20, 2008
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