Goku Begining

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Its not done yet but i wanted ppl to see Kid goku vs Kid goku

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iz alright.

ya did good for your first one, im prouda ya man. Ya seem to have gotten a bit outta whack with the V-cam though and i have more techniques you can do with it.

on another note, you shouldnt post on newgrounds just beacuse you wanted people to see, i know your itchin for people to see your work but just take it slow, and finish it properly and it'll all come together.

the fight was a bit eccentric though and didnt make sense.

1 I dont care what cercomstancies it is. Kid Goku should never be able to even TOUCH SSJ Goku. second you need to get over that madness fetish, its affectin your flash man!

and to the Wynde, kid Gohan was never there. it was DB Goku V.S. GT Goku, then Teen gohan just appeared around back.

Nice start

I really like sprite animation, but the lack of music and sound effects is REALLY REALLY disappointing. You did such a good with the animation, but without sound it's lacking. Since you said it's not done yet I'll give you the benefit of a doubt, but just a friendly suggestion, "Goku Beginning: preview" Would be make a more appropriate title, that way people won't expect a full built Flash.

Looking forward to the complete version. Nice touch with the Madness guy in there. 5/10, you'll get the other 5 when the full version comes out ;)

looks good

Good timeing on things but I do have a couple questions for you. Why does he go from kid gohan to teen gohan in a matter of milliseconds, Next why no sound? I mean at least put a background music that sounds half decent with it just to make it more catching. Heck even Let The Bodies Hit The Floor would have worked because it would keep our attention.

Pretty cool.

But sound would've really helped this. Also, why no DBZ sounds? I understand it's not finished, but presentation still counts.

I like it

Considering its not finished yet i quite like it, Nice Sprites and gotta love teen gohan XD
Im Guessing your gonna add sound effects? and make it longer?
This has a lot of potential and i'd love to see it finished
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Good Job!

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Nov 19, 2008
10:03 PM EST