Retardo and the IronGolem

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******* UPDATE ****** JUST wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to Tom Fulp and the newgrounds team for the front page status. A huge THANK YOU to you guys for your support and your comments!
I LOVE YOU ALL! Please don't take offence to the game...it is just a silly juvenille joke and it shouldn't go deeper then that...afterall...some of my best friends are RETARDS! :) *********

Well it's finally here! Sorry about the delay guys :) Ok, here's a brand new Point and Click adventure from me, the creator of Bowja. This one is a little bit more violent though :) Hope you enjoy it! Thanks a lot for your continued support... and oh yeah....Let me know what you think!! Any feedback is greatly appreciated...

STORY: Retardo has been sent on a mission by the King of Moronia to destroy the Iron Golem and in return receive the hand of the Princess of Moronia. Help Retardo defeat the Iron Golem in this point and click adventure!

INSTRUCTIONS: Use your mouse to click on objects or locations on the screen and progress through the game.




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Yo This game was retarted

but in a good way. The end was the best.

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great game

i really like these interactive games that you have made good job a bit hard but i completed it

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Funny XD

XD this is is very funny and fun this Games is Cool like retardo is so funny ill gove a 10 XD

very good, but...

..im not sure if should be offended or not. but in a good way. it looks good, it plays well, and it has some humour, and im very glad you provided a walkthrough.
I liked the addition of the mushrooms, because it gave you something to do while you figured out the right order.
Also, was surprised with the amount of blood.

very good, could have been made longer with a longer difficulting curve, because it goes from 4 or 5 clicks to 12 straight out and it kinder leaves the not-so-accustomed players (like myself) overwhelmed.

great though, and very good fun.

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4.08 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2008
4:40 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click