Retardo and the IronGolem

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******* UPDATE ****** JUST wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to Tom Fulp and the newgrounds team for the front page status. A huge THANK YOU to you guys for your support and your comments!
I LOVE YOU ALL! Please don't take offence to the game...it is just a silly juvenille joke and it shouldn't go deeper then that...afterall...some of my best friends are RETARDS! :) *********

Well it's finally here! Sorry about the delay guys :) Ok, here's a brand new Point and Click adventure from me, the creator of Bowja. This one is a little bit more violent though :) Hope you enjoy it! Thanks a lot for your continued support... and oh yeah....Let me know what you think!! Any feedback is greatly appreciated...

STORY: Retardo has been sent on a mission by the King of Moronia to destroy the Iron Golem and in return receive the hand of the Princess of Moronia. Help Retardo defeat the Iron Golem in this point and click adventure!

INSTRUCTIONS: Use your mouse to click on objects or locations on the screen and progress through the game.



Really just a good game all around not terribly difficult puzzles but yet fantastic graphics and awesome scenes definitely one of my favorite puzzlers ive found so far on this site well done congrats


Average game, tho i really like point and click

Unecessary usage of paintbrush blood (more, you're a fanatic of it, cuz IronGolem don't bleed!)
Too simple, mostly there was not enough interaction, and quite possibly just a few click that could result in death
Mushroom search is good, add some more play
Could be longer also, maybe not more sceen but more things to do in them
weirdly it lagged, and it's not my internet connection nor my cpu nor my flash version

keep it up, spice it up!

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Kids site?

I don't think this is for a kids site... Blood, sexual references, RETARDO!

Yae not for kids, great either way though.

Freaking retarted game

Which in your case means it's good I guess.


Hilarious... weird that for a kids site you'd call the dud 'retardo' -- parents of downs kids might take offense but fuck, man, this is a fantastic piece of work. I was feeling a bit like a retard myself in a couple scenes and I'll admit - I checked the walkthrough 2 times

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4.08 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2008
4:40 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click