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StarBaron - Campaigns

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Play the tutorial first, it's fairly quick and painless, I promise!

This game requires strategic thinking to progress more than a few levels, and is not meant to be easy. If you go far in this game, you have a talent!

Come over to www.AlienProcess.com and share comments and strategies, I'm always keen to hear what you have to say!

Also included is a Beta version Map Maker. Make your map, submit it, then share the direct link to your map with the rest of us!

Hope you enjoy, bugs/issues/comments always welcome...


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Still a great game, I tried Auralux on my phone and it just made me want to find this game. Couldn't remember the name, so glad I found it again. Look, it's over 10 years old, so it's a little clunky. But honestly? Some great ideas here. @hiimquinn The secret is that you need to flank planets to get the multiplier boost. It's the best way to take down well-defended planets. Mines are their own thing, of course. But definitely not impossible, as long as you don't attack head on (as the tutorial says).

So basically what I've learned is: Once a planet is mined or defended, it's pointless to attack it, as it takes far more ships than it could ever be worth to actually overtake it.

It's ok. Would prefer more units and faster gameplay. It runs extremely slow sometimes.

Beat it and not satisfied.

Still one of the best, only outdone by the original beta you released.

A very addictive and time consuming game. I find myself playing for hours.
It's not too hard to figure out the controls, but I find it hard to switch my stars into other types, namely because the shortcuts don't work for me, the ctrl+ commands always open soemthing or don't work the way they're intended. I think it would be better if there was a single button to select all ships instead of dragging, but it's just tedious and not game-breaking.
It's a very well put together game and it shows a lot of thought and planning. It's a game I'm sure to come back to and play again.