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EDIT: Thanks for the great reviews people! Just letting you know there WILL be a Tank Search 2 :)

EDIT: Thanks For Frontpage Tom :)

Hey Folks, We've been working on this game for a while, and put about 1 week worth of time into this, so we hope it turned out well, and you guys have a fun time playing it.

I'm going to start off by saying the game gets HARD, FAST, so take your time in the levels, and dont panic. The plot of the game is to find and click the Newgrounds Tank in each level, once you beat all the levels there will be a timer showing HOW LONG it took you to beat ALL 100 levels, THIS IS A WARNING THOUGH, If you SAVE your game, then LOAD it later, the timer will not work, so if you want to test how long it takes for you to beat all 100 levels, do it in one playthrough, we're sorry for this, but we've tried everything to try and fix this, but fixing it would mean we redo most of all our code.

ALSO, we're sorry for the Filesize, but it's worth the wait :)

Enjoy :)


I have to agree with Dragon-Spark

While I did like the way the menus and sound fx were designed, I did not enjoy this at all. I did not beat it because I did not care to win. it was just the tank stretched or transparent and thrown in odd places. Not much of a fun challenge.

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Hit and miss

The game is fun in general, but you missed big time on a few things. First, distorting the tank and changing the graphic is a bad idea in a search game. Second, having low resolution and searching for an icon that is low resolution as well is a bad idea. Third, Distorting a low resolution icon in a low resolution pic is a horrible idea. This game feels like "random click adventure" at times, especially when you make the tank blend in after being so distorted. At one point there really isnt any tank image, its simply just 4-5 pixels screwed up and you're luck to even find them.

Use high quality pictures. Do not distort the icon or item to search. Do not make it impossible to see the icon by blending it completely in. There is no skill in finding the object if you can't already see it.


too difficult quickly, unnapealing visualy, and overall bad

looks like zlarke didnt beat the game, and his baby butt is hurt.
i beat this in 162 seconds. this game is easy, please come back with a real challenge next time. oh and the music isnt THAT bad, but its distracting, which i hoped would help to provide a challenge but it didn't. didnt need to zoom or anything, like the loser below me.


Had potential...
But the positions of the tank really had absolutely nothing to do with the images. It was far too easy on some levels, and far too hard on others, without any sequence of progression whatsoever.
Bored me, to tell the truth.
But, for others, it's probably a good time waster.

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3.83 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2008
3:46 AM EST
Puzzles - Other