Samurai Master

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Hi everyone on NG, hope you'll like my new game.

I just hope this game has not been submitted here yet, like Sniper Assassin 2. My submission got declined coz somebody submit my game first.


Show me your love everyone! :)


Great man

You get a 10 because i have no idea on how to make a game?
How can i get started?


mash a and you win borring

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I played through whole the game. First thing I must say is that the graphics is really colorful and nice for the eye. Also the music is calm and fits well in Japanese atmosphere. So why did I give only 4 stars?

Because this game is EXTREMELY boring. Seriously, going forward and hitting A like crazy isn't even a bit challenging. This game is so easy, that most of enemies aren't able to even get close to character. They're too weak, and even if it was supposed only to be a totally simple game with a lot of blood, it doesn't mean it should be mindless tapping A button. It's not fun.
The bosses are lame too. Most of them die after 2 super slashes, also the last one. They're not harder than rest of bad guys. Maybe you should try giving them some weak point, that player would have to discover and use.

There are few more things. The battlegrounds are bigger than they need to be. Sometimes I had to go to the left of place just to find out that the enemies are spawning on the right. That made the game even more boring.
Upgrading damage... I wonder if it at least works. If it does, it's useless. It's better to spend the gold on fatal hits.
Plot is not interesting at all, I mean, I didn't care to see what happens to character. I didn't care how the history would end.

I forgot to mention - death animations were sweet :)
That's it. Good luck next time

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the reason i give an 8 is because it is a very well thought out game. the story line is very good. the graphics are good as well. but the actual gameplay lacks depth. next time try some kind of combo system instead of attack, throw, and super attack.

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To/JohnParker Addicting means you wanna play it more often,or all the time...like that....Like i ts so good you wanna play it lots.,thats what Addicting means

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3.83 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2008
10:46 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler