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A great game using basic physics. collect coins to earn points. Don't touch the walls though.




good start, but it needs music, enemies, powerups, etc. to make it fun.

Fun, but needs work

I find this game pretty fun, but just like everyone else said, it needs work.

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needs some sereous work in the following fields:
#1: ADD SOUND! that alone will improve score by 2 stars.
#2: tighten controlls. i keep running into the left wall while im trying to move right.
#3: change colors. black and red may look cool, but playing for prolonged periods of time can give you some serious eyestrain
#4: expand "hit area". it was a centemeter wide and two centemeters long.
#5: make the background more interesting than a pixilated pile o' shit.
#6: remove the "great game" bit in comments. makes you sound nooby.
work on these points and your game may resemble something like presentable.

ps. this is the longest reveiw i have ever written.

Please don't do that

You called it a "great game." Never say a game is great in the description. Worst thing a description can say. Now for the substantial crap; Its not very fun. The concept is simple (too simple). It didn't last for more than five seconds. The controls are too loose and the hittest of the character touching the coin is too too small of an area. I kept running into the walls the instant I got a coin. It wasn't easy on the eyes either. Try harder on the aesthetic side.


the game is very easy and it have no music.
try to put music and make it more difficult next time ;)

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2.23 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2008
6:49 PM EST
Skill - Collect