Ms. Pacman

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The original femme fatale is back on Newgrounds! Self-indulge in this 1980s classic. Includes all 5 mazes (including the one from the original Pacman game).

[Arrow keys] = Move Ms. Pacman.
[P] = Pause/UnPause game.
[Q] = Quit game.
[S] = Toggle sound on/off.

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Well I guess it's kind of impressive that you cloned the game so well, but that's just it. A Ms. Pacman clone. I have Ms. Pacman on my phone... It's not like Ms. Pacman is a really really amazing game that's 100% impossible to get. Nice job anyway

its the good memories :L

well i just heard there was a PS2 version but Namco collections and its not bad
great work on this game

Really good clone

Very good job. The only things that I would alter gameplay-wise is the speed at which Mts. Pacman moves, which I think is too slow, and the pellet eating detection. You can get too far over a pellet without eating it, compared to the actual game, which makes turning on a dime often leave you with an uneaten pellet. Great job, though.

cool, but...

It's a great clone, but one thing that I noticed is that the ghosts don't slow down when you get the power pill like in the real game.

Very nice Ms. PAC-MAN Clone!

I don't need to comment on the gameplay as it's a very straight forward clone of the game.

The game tends to lag/jump at certain points like when the maze starts. That kind of response is really important in a game like Ms. PAC-MAN and having the skip can ruin things.

Also, the AI is a little funny. I will admit that you have probably gotten the closest to the actual patterns in the original game, but things still need some tweaking. Notably, I feel that Blinky is not nearly aggressive enough in this version of the game. Maybe it's just me and I haven't played the original for half a year now.

Good clone nevertheless.

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4.16 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2008
4:12 PM EST
Action - Other