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The Way The War Ends

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Edit: I can't believe I actually got Daily Third! Thank you so much Newgrounds!

Edit:Yes I know the election is over, the assignment was due after the election so I finished it after the election, do not badger me about it.

This movie was created for a history project. The assignment was to make a commercial about two minutes in length based on your candidate's side of an issue that was important to you. In my time, I have created, re-done, and edited this movie so that people of a good mind can understand and possibly enjoy it.

Also, I'll be presenting this to my class of mostly Super-Republicans later this week, if you really like the movie then wish me luck since it will likely be shot down by booing and angry squeals.

And so I leave you with "This is the way the War Ends." Animated by myself to music from the band Devotchka. The song is "How it Ends."

About 2:38 in length.

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First of all I want to state, that I am german and that I will only talk for my country. I really don´t want to talk down the dangers of war but... as long as I can remember The germans, as well as the americans were always in war with someone and the victims - of our soldiers at least - are very very small. Of course every dead is painful for us but in fact you could maybe count one dead per month, so I think it would be more helpful to invest time in...dunno... social help programs? Also: A "vote for Obama" flash? Since I live in Germany it does´t matter for me but do you really think that someone would make a vote for Obama because of a flash video? Oh whatever, still congrats to Obama and a nice flash you´ve overall made

please do not do things like this

I do beleive that this video was very touching indeed, and yes, I am all for obama, but people have a right to choose who they want to vote for and I do not beleive in things like this. besides, military and war is not the only problem right now. there are still things like economy, eviromental safetey, homeland security and education.

This...is...not sparta, its great

This is a really good video, I really like the idea and the music matches well with the animation.Most importantly I like who you would like to be president, hopefully he can keep all his promises if they are and be one of the best presidents in history.Amen to that.

Poor animation for a long lost silly argument.

Read what the military personell have to say, and not the paid off liberal bias ones spewing the koolaid of the far leftist. Yeah I can't belive this horseSh*t got to 3rd, Yeah Thanks NewGrounds.. I'll keep on getting banned for my opionion, Supress Free Speech. Vote Liberal.
Oh don't badger you for it, so Don't post it. I know because I have had plenty shot down here.

Chrome-Demon responds:


Message... .EH

Yes... Obama the savoir.... have you seen his choice in chief of staff? This guy at a state dinner started talking about enemies of the state and inbetween each name he stabed a knife into the table.. Sounds like a nice guy... Not to mention the guy's father is a f'n terrorist. Do you homework, wake up. Infowars.com

Chrome-Demon responds:

Are you kidding me? That site has one of the strongest conservative biases I have ever seen in my entire life. You do your own damn homework and watch a two sided argument.

By the way, you also neglected to make any statement about the animation at all! I should seriously report this review due to its slanderous nature.

I would have supported McCain if he hadn't chosen Palin, AND if so many of his followers weren't silly, naive people like you.

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Nov 18, 2008
4:04 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place November 19, 2008