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Smash Boxing

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A hard-hitting boxing game to knock out your opponents. 15 levels of addicting gameplay in the Gang War mode. 2 modes of hard-hitting Boxing fun. Street Brawl to test your boxing skills as an amateur. As you improve, try the full scale gang warfare mode. 15 levels of boxing fun gives you tougher enemies after crossing each level. You can buy Speed, Strength and Stamina to defeat your powerful opponents as you rise ahead in the gang.


Not a bad game...I like the look of it, very polished and professional looking...but like the other 2 reviewers--axolotl1 and Atomicslash--said...the CPU seems to be A LOT better than you, never runs out of stamina were as you do after throwing 2 punches. I get the idea that you want to make it realistic by adding in the stamina meter but making your fighter completly helpless after just throwing 2 punches where as the CPU can throw punch after punch with no reduction in their stamina is not a way to gain fans.

PS To Leeps: I like how you elude to the fact that you're an expert and that everyone that dosen't like this game is a noob as you say. I'll bet any money that you got your sorry ass handed to you in the first match and you're just tying to save face and your ego with your review/comment.


This game is fun only if you're an expert, because some people dont like it because they r noobs.

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What's with that gay-ass shit where you fall down every time you get punched at the end of a fight? FUCK that shit. Polished game though, once I figure out how to beat it I'm sure I'll enjoy it more. Also, what the fuck is with one punch depleting my energy to the point I can't even move? Why is block completely useless, since it takes time to come out of? Why is jab slower than low punch? Like the guy below says, how come the enemy NEVER runs out of energy and can deliver 5 punches in a row while even the highest-stamina character I can pick runs out after a max of two low-power punches?
This game makes me very very angry. As I said, though, pretty polished, and I'm sure that anyone who gets the hang of it will love it.


The computer always seems to be a lot better then you, they hit harder and much faster with a better reach and seemed to never run out of stamina but if you make 3 quick punches you are winded and the computer just lays into you

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3.25 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2008
3:44 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS