Emo Girl

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this is my first flash..and i know it's not that pretty.
but i will appreciate if you comment and rate so i'll know what not to do or what to do when i make another flash..
it's okay if you write rude comments..i just want to know how i'm doing
thanks anyway


I dont get it

Well i like it


omg this is real cute btw wut is the first song called

Lovely =D

Sweet and perfect. Loved it =D
ty for putting this up

great =P

great movie the only reason im giveing you an 8 is sadly the lack of a play/replay button but otherwise its great and im the complete oppsite of emo hatters yay!!!! i loves all emos <3

p.s. excuse my randomness >.>

p.s.s. i am not emo btw <.< >.> <.<

Well I thought it was pretty damn good :P

I havn't even made a flash and i need help on how to do them. I think The animation is interesting and could need some tweeks here and there but it's your first one, don't get bumbed about it, If you want my honest opinion, I think in a few months or Weeks, you will have nailed it and would of made lots of intersting video's. Btw can you send that video to me, i love it

My msn is BreathlessChild@hotmail..co.uk
See ya dude x

P.S. I'm Emotional you know, but it wasn't exacly offensive, it's just a movie about us and that we do hate school, i love the razor blade on the table, i'm always in that situation. and for emo haters, well they can kiss my butt when say, Emo's don't just cut for fun, if we cut it's because we have a cry for help and we need somehow to refilct on the action taken. Sometimes like me, we don't tell anybody and we keep it to our selves, and then oneday, your with your best friend/s and tell them your problems and then they freak which makes you feel upset that you freaked them. I think that this video says more about us Emotional "Androids" than people think and unless you have been through a phase of Emotism, then you will never know how it feels to be in a situation for a cry of help tha you know will never come unless you meet your standerds.
Great movie i loved it dude
Remember to add the video to me please, i really need that video. Oh and can somebody help me with making a film like that, i don't know how to do them :'(

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Nov 17, 2008
9:36 PM EST
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