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Parattack! Paratroopers are dropping like flies! Can you take them all?

This game is based on the memory of a game I used to play about 10 years ago, don't remember the name nor what platform was it but I believe it was something like this, enjoy!

Sorry about any and all sound bugs but I'm still relatively new to sound in flash.

Check out my other games at my profile or http://56gaming.tk

Thanks for playing!


I liked the ad before the game started

yeah, that chick was hot. I played the game twice just to check her out again.

yea... i agree with axolotl1...

you shouldnt make the 2nd weapon upgrade tat lousy... you should make like.. nuclear launcher, or maybe atomic laucher? and ohya, when those stickmen drop to the floor, and i tried to use rocket laucher to hit them, nothing happen.

You probably shouldn't. . ..

...have made the 2nd weapon upgrade crappier than the 1st. One way to fix it would be to improve the firing angle on the laser, or switch the order of rocket and laser. But the rocket is MUCH better for a coupla reasons. You can direct it, anything it touches in flight will die, since it doesn't explode til it hits the cursor or til time runs out, it knocks out a pretty big area when it finally does hit, AND, biggest of all, because it's directable, it has a much wider angle of fire than the other weapons. Other than that, it was pretty dang fun and well done.

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Fun game

Music is annoying (but seems good), like in all game PLEASE add a mute button, it's a pain in the ass when you're listening to true music (Yours wasn't bad, but when it's death trash black metal or whatever you call it, it doesn't nessesarily please everybody)
The upgrades aren't well defined. There should be a little description of what it does, and how much points it cost, too.

It is a fun game, but it is really overdone, you should try a more creative approach :P

its ok

whats with the music?

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3.39 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2008
6:24 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed