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Ash in Flashland #01

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Author Comments

Hey folks, Ash here~

In this, the first actual episode of the "Ash in Flashland" series. Our hero flees the watchful eye of 'The Animator' but finds himself lost in a grassy knoll. Upon trying to contact his troops at Highwind Castle, he realizes his communicator is completely shot!

Could things get any worse? ...Absolutely!

This particular flash; being the first in the series, and only my second flash ever. It isn't very long. But rest assured, my future ones will certainly be longer!

Thanks and happy watching!


Good on you for trying to do this animation! Here's a few things that come to mind though:

-The episode was too short to give us any real information or reason to care (I see your comments mention longer episodes in the future).
-If your characters and background are pixelated, make the dialog box and text pixelated too.
-The mixing of the audio was a bit choppy, and the song at the end was unfortunately unfunny.
-A little camera motion can go a long way.


Well well...

Still spooking little kids with that logo theme eh? But it does sound better, not as loud, don't know, maybe it was me before. Anyhow, on to the good and the bad...

Stuff you fail at:

-The background was moderate, ok I wasn't expecting anything special, but it just didn't feel like it had depth. I mean you have the word horizon in the logo, and though it was a good try, to an experienced eye something just looked wrong. It was good nonetheless.

-Even if it is just a little round circle beneath the character, a shadow would be recommended. That was the flash looks less 2D. This isn't a major issue, nothing really is in this flash, but its the minor things that hurt.

-When the SHPC Theme song is done playing, or even before, have it scroll up and have it fade as it goes, from there have the text that comes after it fade in as it scrolls up. Just an idea.

-You have heard this before, but though the character animation is mostly smooth, surprisingly smooth sometimes, it just seems like its a little choppy. Hard to really express it properly, perhaps the speed doesn't quite match the character's steps.

Things you did well:

-The comedy was, as per norm, quite entertaining. I actually laughed out loud at one point, and I am sure some of the other viewers can say the same.

-The charactes animations (such as the turning of the head) is done very well, the timing for these turns is also right up there, it conveys emotion, which is never easy to do in a sprite flash.

-The song fits the mood, and the ending "theme" fits the comedy portion quite well. It rounds off the flash nicely.

-DId I mention that your timing is perfect?

All in all you did a good job with this, for your second flash this is righ up there, the comedy aspect was good, timing...perfect, animation (sprite) is normal but with a unusual twist, and you left us, the ones who bothered watching the whole thing, wanting a little more.

. .
. . .
. . . .
. . . . .

yay a backround!

good job Ash-Darkmoon with this flash /voteing this flash 5/5 in five seconds ^_^

Its getting there

I think this flash has a lot of potential, just a few tips - coming from me as a viewer -
the waiting time between your logo, the next 2 scenes is a bit long cause Im expecting something to happen if I wait that long. Rather have your name (of your story) fade away on top of the scene where your main character appears -that way we get right into the feel of the movie. Otherwise its a good work, keep em coming!

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Ash-Darkmoon responds:

Aye, I'm having minor issues keeping my timing just right. But it's on its way I think :D all the support from you guys is great motivation to keep improving too!

I'll definitely take your words into consideration for episode 2~

Thanks alot.



"Finally, background." While the short length is an obvious low, it's a decent flash that makes up for its lack of movement and purpose with a small degree of comedy. Once again however, length is an issue.

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Ash-Darkmoon responds:

Yea, length is a serious issue. To be honest, I hadn't realized how short it was until I finally viewed it at the end.

Running at 24 FPS, It had over 1500 frames....and just felt like it took forever. Flash is a devious beast!

But I swear it; the next episodes will be longer!


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Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2008
4:12 AM EST
Comedy - Original