Virtual Psychiatrist

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#UPDATE: Edward Wright now officially has a Facebook page! For the latest updates on the newest Edward Wright coming to Newgrounds, be sure to check it out and like it at http://www.facebook.com/p ages/Edward-Wright/173255 306029840

#UPDATE: And wow, there it is, 50k views. That's amazing. As I said at 20k views, compared to some flashes on Newgrounds, that's not a lot. But to us, that means so much, along with the 178 reviews we've received, the 86 favourites, and the 753 votes, and the rating of 3.94, thank you so much to everyone from us, and of course, the one and only, Edward Wright.

#UPDATE: It's official, Virtual Psychiatrist has now received 20k views! Now compared to a lot of Flashes on Newgrounds, that's not a lot, but for us it's a big deal, so we would like to thank everyone who's helped support Virtual Psychiatrist and will continue to in the future! Thank-you all so much and we hope you all have great days in celebration ^_^

#UPDATE: First off, thanks to everyone who recommended us for the Gadgets section, we're now officially there! Thank you so much, you're all awesome! However on a sadder note, it turns out our dear friend Edward has been popping up on other websites without our permission! So please guys help support us by doing some of the following things if you can:

1) If you see Edward Wright (Virtual Psychiatrist) on another website, please let us know where it is via Newgrounds mail.
2) Please help support the Newgrounds release by visiting this page where you can.
3) And try to encourage others to visit the Newgrounds page when using Edward Wright :)

So thanks again guys for all your support and for helping us make it to the Gadgets section! It is now our big holiday break and we hope to have an updated version of Virtual Psychiatrist to you in the future. Thanks you're all awesome ^_^

#UPDATE: Oh... well... not really an update, but remember to reccomend to the gadgets collection if you like =) Also keep your eyes and ears out for later versions! As me both Lockdude and Tom-Arto will be working hard to add more to this game and release another version down the track. Thankyou, enjoy!

#UPDATE: The previous version of Virtual Psychiatrist has been deleted to welcome in this version! Enjoy the comprehensive engine that is... Edward Wright!

#UPDATE: I very quickly realised I submitted a version with a broken preloader, this has been fixed, and I apologise to those 67 odd people who had to view the flash this way, and those 49 whom voted.

This is the second time we have submitted this flash, and the first one still remains on the portal, reason being we want to see how this one fairs, as it has two big differences.

FIRST DIFFERENCE: The mysterious text deleting glitch is gone, now your text will not be deleted. This was a major factor in our last flash, getting a lot of negative votes and reviews, and we believe fixing this makes it a better flash.

SECOND DIFFERENCE: The engine has been upgraded, and he should now be smarter, making it a different flash as well.

So please vote fairly, but most of all enjoy. Below is the blurb from the last version of this game. As soon as this flash stays on, I will delete the previous version.


The return of Edward Wright, only now looking bigger and meaner, and more friendly and trustworthy than ever before! Fitted out with new graphics and a better smarter engine to boot. Have hours of fun on this little contraption!

Please remember, to help us improve on this Virtual Psychiatrist please report any errors to us, with what you said and his reply, so we can slowly make him close to perfect!

We hope you enjoy, and a big thanks to Lockdude who worked on the engine, and Tom-Arto who did all the graphics!

Also, if you like it remember to recommend it to the gadgets collection :)



i asked if he knew the muffin man and he said yes i do know the muffin man
then i said" i have a boner "

and hes like" how do you feel about a boner ".

me:" like fucking your daughter "

your daughter

how can i have a daughter when i have no kids

perhaps you could if you put your mind to it

like when i put my dick in your daughters vagina

have you asked anyone else

have you asked your daughter if she was a virgin lately

no i havent

why not she could be pregnant cuz i put a LOT of jizz into that bitch

what is it that you really want to konw

do you know that ive been fuckin your wife and she craves my dick cuz its way bigger than yours in fact me your daughter and your wife had an awesome threesome last night

of course i am the author of the book edward wright how to know that youve been fuckin and she craves our dick because its way bigger than yours

how can it be our dick are we some kind of freakshow conjoined twins

does that question interest you


im not sure what you want me to say to that


I put in "I eat brains and he said "you should eat brains...." WOW

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Easily overpowered with any intelligent question but in a basic sense it was very well made. "Blam this and you will burn in hell!" Gotta love that.


Psy: *Gives intro speech*
Me: I want answers now or maybe later!
Psy: Why do you want answers now or maybe later?
Me: Because you are supposed to help me!
Psy: Why am I supposed to help me?
Me: I will kill you!
Psy: Please, put the weapon down, we can talk through this, why do you want to kill me?
Me: Because you won't give me a direct answer!
Psy: Is that the real reason?
Me: Yes!!
Psy: Positive thoughts are the key, what else do you think is good?
Me: >_<
Psy: Pardon?
Me: I am now stabbing you with a knife!!!!
Psy: Do you enjoy being now stabbing I with a knife?
Me: You suck, goodbye.
Psy: Thank-you for coming and if you ever need to talk about something come to me.


Soooo funny!!!

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Attacking Psycharatrist failed:

Psy: Hello, im a psycharatrist *blablabla*
Me: Why do you smoke?
Psy: it makes me calm
Me: smoking is bad!
Psy: so you think smoking is bad, what else is bad for you?
Me: It seems like you want to leave the subject "Smoke", does the subject "Smoke" make you uncomfatable? Please tell me.
Psy: Smoke is a think i like more than you do.
Me: Are you trying to confuse me?
Psy: Why are you interested in whether i am trying to confuse me or not?
Me: O.o
Psy: >:)
Me: *Leaving*

Great game XD

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4.05 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2008
11:43 PM EST
Simulation - Other