Wild Salmon in Trouble

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Watershed Watch produced this film to clarify why sea lice are a problem for wild salmon and to provide an overview of the salmon life cycle so the public can make informed decisions regarding the seafood they purchase.

Wild Salmon in Trouble' is illustrated from the perspective of migrating wild salmon before and after the advent of salmon farming. It highlights the fact that even low numbers of sea lice on individual farmed salmon can translate to large numbers of sea lice being released into the nursery grounds of wild salmon. It also emphasizes the fact that although sea lice are a natural part of ocean ecosystems, sea lice from salmon farms are unnatural and may cause serious problems for juvenile wild salmon.

The animation is based on published, peer-reviewed scientific research and foreshadows an unknown future for coastal ecosystems and communities if something isn't done to protect wild salmon from farm derived sea lice.

Wild Salmon in Trouble was produced in conjunction with the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform and with additional support from the Patrick Hodgson Family Foundation.

I developed the film from a story by Trish Hall and Stan Proboszcz.
The two biologist were also constantly on hand to offer guidance, insight and clarification.
original music and narration performed by Earle Peach

One mistake I regret is making the film at 12 frames per second.
Hard to change to a higher frame rate ones you have 6 minutes of film.
The film was made with a small budget and I thought a lower frame rate would make it more manageable.

I know this is no blockbuster.
Thank you so much for your support by way of scoring and reviews.

Thanks to your generous scores and reviews, (and the good people in charge featuring it on the front page), this film is going from a good score toward a very good score.
Imagine a film like this doing well on newgrounds!

I want everybody to know, I am reading every review.(eagerly)

In answer to some of the issues raised:
The lice are more or less harmless to the adult fish. But they kill the little juvenile fish. Farm fish are raised in tanks on land so they are not affected.
But the fish farms full of grown up Atlantic salmon with lice are placed in waters were wild salmon are growing up. And there the little ones get invested.

At present the Fish farm owners can do whatever they please.
There needs to be some regulation, or self-regulation.

Mostly people don't even understand this issue so there is no public outcry, only nagging scientists. If this film helps people understand they will know what the scientists are complaining about. Some political measures (regulation) or change by the farmers may follow.

Thanks for caring, guys!



this is the forgotten truth, even i didnt know 'bout it till i saw this. i am a fisherman so im worried about this, and if you didnt put this flash to here, young and bit older people would never had this thing into their brains.

Cavebird responds:

hmm yes I would like to get this information out there.
I'm glad you were able to take it in, StraightOne


not only was the information helpful and motivating but eit was also made intresting,
oh and by the way FUCK the samon farms they= bad!

Cavebird responds:

Yes, salmon farms bad the do all kinds of nasty things to fish there.
Thank you for the compliments, Penquin.

Very good.

But some of the animation was a bit slow and choppy-ish. But great job anyway!

Cavebird responds:

Thanks, ughanation.
Most of the choppy look was do to a low frame rate.
You don't wanna do panning animation on 12 frames per second.
Hard to fix once the film is made.


u learn something new everyday

Cavebird responds:

learning is cool, yes?
thanks for writing, jd300

I never thought about that

good idea making a flash about it, I guess this is a big problem and more people should know about this. maby if you also post it on youtube you might get more attention

Cavebird responds:

A lot of people are promoting this video.
Thanks for caring, cry666

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Nov 16, 2008
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