Proof that Girls are...

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~~NOTE: if the video freezes then right click and hit play!!!!!!!~~

This is some very strange and yet funny mathematical proof!!!

yes i know this joke sounds so immature, but pleas don't make a review cursing me out about it....

and i think this may have been better if i made an animation of it being writting... ah well its not gonna be very great even if i do that!



I can't really give you a good rating on the animation... but to everyone else looking at this thing, and as a man who HAS had a girlfriend in his lifetime (3 years and I dare you to call me a liar!), you really can't argue with the logic behind it...

disdude responds:

lol, like i siad, im not expecting to wow you with my animation of copying and pasting, im just sharing a nice joke i once heard!


What were you thinking?

disdude responds:

What WAS i thinking??!?! (and what where you thinking of when you wrote this review, you think this helps me know what i did wrong?!?!)


There isn't anything in it that could be called animation. The only sound is some background music. It's an old joke that's been shown and told countless times in the schoolyard. If you would have made some sort of animation to go along with the joke, it would have been better. Sorry, but this lacks effort. I'll give you 1 for the background music.

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Girls= Love of money

Is that why we pay some for sex?

And the vid: Old joke, misspelled girls.

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disdude responds:

i miss spelled girls?!?!? oh lol! i didn't pay attention when submitting it lol! i was more concerned about the in game spelling then NG i guess i should have payed attention to both!!!

and yes that is the reason why we have strippers!


Toc simple and naive to be thought of as anything other then dumb. And your response to the review below mine( quote you"what did you say about the bible?what the(1st Tim 6:10 who cares about that!"),just deepens my feelings on the matter. Thats where the saying that you used came from.Who cares you ask? You apparently since you took the quotation and used it to attempt to explain something. Girls also require attention.Attention=intelligence . Your intelligence=0.Your attention=0.Your chance with any girl hence equals what?

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disdude responds:

... do you not understand that i didnt make this joke? i just simply copyed and pasted it lol its reaaaaly eassy, hear ill walk you threw it, you right click hit copy, then go to the flash then right click and hit paste! omg, would you look at that! you now know how to copy and paste! now if only you could understand how to copy and paste with ctrl + c and crl + v....

sorry im being so rude, but dude im not expecting for you people to like this! i made this sense i was board of waiting to go! sheash, copying and pasting wasnt sopost to make you LOVE the flash, but mabby to hear a good joke that some people hant heard yet!

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Nov 16, 2008
5:20 PM EST
Comedy - Original