Gatherer 3: War Edition

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UPDATE: Highscore system isnt working in newgrounds


i finally finished it, took me a while but now its done
ok, this game is about avoiding bombs and collecting supplies for your camp in the camp you sell the supplies and get money, with the money you can buy upgrades, items or clothes, you can also gamble in the camp, the gamble is a dice game where if you win you will get 3x of the bet u did.

- each piece of cloth have their stats that will help you to play better.

-Speed, Increase your running speed in the battlefield
-Stamina, Increase your total HP
-Charisma, Increase the price you get for selling supplies
-Toughness, Decrease the damage you take from bombs
-Travel, Decrease the time for filling the travel bar

- to go to the camp you need to have the travel bar filled, it automactly fills over the time, when it gets to 100% it will turn green meaning that you can go to the camp, the camp button is at the bottom to the right

- i loved the system i made for highscores, its a tag system you can check them here:
http://www.totalwebdata.c om/Applications/Gatherer3 /highscores.html
-you can submit yours when u lose, they are automactly refreshed

Well thats what i have to say, please vote and review =D i would like to hear your opinion, also if u find any bugs please report them, love you all!



i first played this game a few years ago and died imediatly. when i played it recently i relized just how great it is when you dont die. i have played for 3 hours, and have the best armor, and every upgrade. this game is awesome!

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arosemena responds:

I'm glad that it entertained someone, thanks for playing =)

Guess I should play the first 2

Didn't really seem to float my boat all too well. But I'd guess I'd have to be a fan who's played the first 2 to really find this entertaining. Not the best game in the world, but it was decent enough as it is.


the game is pretty cool
is simple.. but even like that the gameplay was nice, and the levels of dificult were great
i like the upgrades a lot
and the items were cool.... nice job

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arosemena responds:

thanks a lot =)


going in (not reading the authors comments mind you) i figured 'oh here we go another ridiculous one level game, well... *sigh* lets get to collecting..
luckily i played long enough to notice the back to camp button, so i click it, and i realize wow this game actually has some depth!
so i played around, gambled a bit (i won mostly) and then changed difficulty over to 'kamikaze' (i think thats what it was called) hahahahaha way too early (i only had a couple upgrades), and this big nuclear bomb drops and it rains missiles!
needless to say i was annihilated , which was the only thing i didnt like about it, there should be some sort of money reduction, even into negative debt instead of having to restart...
anyway it was good.
5/5 10/10

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arosemena responds:

thanks a lot, finally someone liked it =P


lots of spelling errors, though i loved the drawings

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arosemena responds:

where o.O, u know english isnt my native language

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3.62 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2008
2:01 PM EST
Skill - Avoid