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The Story of a Rock

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Author Comments

Alright, it's not the best work in the world. I didn't use the Onion Skin feature on purpose, this was mostly just to test myself. My next submission will be a lot better then this.

One day someone ate my pet rock.

Note: That um.. thing that gets eaten .. is named "The Thing" and was created by a sorry sap, we're glad to announce that that "thing" will never be our mascot.

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this was soo simple yet soo dramatic i nearlly cried! you get a 10 for your story! I dont care what this is really about! you have the ignorance of an artist! I LOVE IT! you have created something very beautiful but i have to say that you still need to perfect your skill so dont lose the magic! btw the music was beautiful too who composed this!?

TheDraxor responds:

The music was by Equation, but he deleted it off his account, luckily I downloaded it before he got rid of it.

Heh, thanks so much, I really did a terrible job on this animation, I gots some unfinished projects on my computer with way better animation, but I'm not putting anything up unfinished heh.

wtf was that?

i seriously have no clue what thatwas about except someone died at the end. And i got motion sickness... worst day of my life.

Try harder

2 stars for the effort and because i like the music :)

I actually kinda liked it...A little.

Suprisingly good, I liked the way the text "shuddered" a lot.

I also thought at the end, the rock was gonnna be the gravestone.
Irony much?

Anyway, keep up the decent work.

TheDraxor responds:

Thanks, heh, the shuddering was really just me doing a quick job, but I did like the effect it gave it.

If it were longer..

If it were longer it would have been "amazing" something about it is emotional(lol?)