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After finally completing my first ever (good) flash game, I'd like to thank the following:

-Gaz (from thegamehomepage.com) for sponsoring me

-Ganon95 for some excellent music!

-All of my fans... although I seriously doubt I have any yet. If I do, MY REGARDS 2 YOU

Thank you!

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bunch of whiners

people on newgrounds are a bunch of whiners...i swear...i just completed the game without failing, the trick to it is to focus on the picture as a whole, as you scroll through the focus try to notice when an item is fully focused so you can know when all the items are focused.

also elfman, 3 things i noticed:

when you complete the game it says "music:" but nothing after that
it says ending music by elfman rox but the same song plays even at the end
the button on the fret does not work



(title in work)

More frustrating than anything. Kind of had to rage quit playing this one. I could have swore everything was focused, but apparently it wasn't. Don't think it's a great concept for a game. Not something I'd be interested to play in the future.

Good Idea

Good idea, good art, good music.

Here's what I would change:
1) I would make the levels have slightly more time as the difficulty increases. I retried your game once. I then got bored with it. (Or if you'd rather not do this, as an alternative, you can give the user a retry option or lives. Games shouldn't force the player to replay the whole game if they fail once.)

2) I would make the buttons more noticeable in the menus (mouse over/down/up changes as well as make the button text different than the reading text). It took me longer than I would have enjoyed to find the button to get back to the title screen after viewing the tips page.

3) This is more of a personal preference than a needed change. I would have given the player the option to hit spacebar instead of having to click "CHECK"

Keep up the good work.

Some ideas...

I didn't know what to do at first. I had to go read the instructions which is something to avoid. Here's what I would do:

1.) Make it so you can play the game with just the mouse. Have focus in and focus out buttons that are the obvious things to be clicked

2.) Give more time to focus, I ran out of time 3 times and gave up and closed the game.

3.) Have more motivation to focus it, like if you focus it right you get to see someone's head explode in an impressive ball of goo and brains. There really is no such thing as a game that can't be improved by the addition of more blood.

Good idea

But you made it WAy to hard

Emrox responds:

I'll throw in a difficulty setting next time.

Or at least a check point.

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3.85 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2008
7:48 PM EST
Skill - Other