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Eulogy For 'Sakura Naruto Hentai Quiz'

This entry was blammed by our users.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

11-15-08 – 06-07-11

Author Comments

MMMMMMMMMMMMM Yes Enjoy This Hot Hentai Action OOooOoOO Im Cumming MMMyea SMG Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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YouTube is meant for videos. Newgrounds is meant for Flash movies and games. Videos aren't generally made with art created by someone else. Flash movies are generally made with art created by the one who puts the movie up. ... Don't put videos up on a flash site.


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Sorry, this isn't flash.

I'm afraid this isn't flash! Therefore you shall be punished! May the gods of newgrounds have mercy upon your soul!

Also this is clearly filmed from somewhere else, meaning it is most probably stolen! That makes you a piece of BOGIE!!!!!

Oh, and hers my constructive critisim: BUY FLASH YOU WANKER!


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This isn't youtube

You should download flash
flashtutorials and then come back :D


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thi should really be on


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OH Yeah Go Goku yeah yeah

I remember I Used to have some old Dragon Ball Z Tradeing Cards I had a Magin Buu and some guy was all like wanna trade and I didnt and also I lost ma DBZ Cards lol ;( gereat fighting SMG


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But this does belong on youtube...

Newgrounds is for flash, not videos. Retard. Also, in the authors comments, why did you put a capital letter at the beggining of every word?


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3 problems

firstly, the movie isnt a flash movie, it's just you playing DBZ tenkaichi 2 or 3 or whatever, secondly, it's a bad quality clip, third, it has no point, if i wanted to watch gameplay footage of a game i'd watch a video on video game review site.


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DBZ yay. watev crap this is no, u can barely see it, and this really duznt belong on New grounds, sorry buddy. FWI all that shit yur sayin 2 evry1 elses reviews not kool


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at leats better quality

ok i give u the benefit of the doubt and say yeha is a flash movie since it is a flash file but i was at leats hoping the quality waz good some people put there vids on newgrounds cause youtube messes the quality(it isn't right but they still do it) but at least their quality waz good,if you are gonna do this again at least have a high quality vid.

constructive criticism: use a high def video camera
and plz stop being offensive to everyone who gives a bad reveiw(some kinda deserved it,not all though)


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I'm sure youtube would be proud.


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Ok I will be honest...the score I'm giving is half for the movie, and half because you haven't taken any crap from anyone. But as the others have said, I will also follow. The video does suck, and not being a true flash video is more suited for youtube viewing.


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Its all good

Maybe people shouldn't give the artist such a hard time. They are trying something that interests them. Nice try and hope you find your Niche


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You know, that's pretty bad.

I'm going to give you one star. For being able to handle a controller and working out how to import the video into flash.
For someone of your seeming intelligence, that must be like calculus.

It's a video file. Videos, unless edited, don't belong on NG. Lots of people are telling you this, meybe they have a good point. Maybe you should consider that, instead of calling everyone fuckfaces. Apparently, you're 20. I don;t believe that.

It's a rather shit video, to be honest. I can barely tell what's going on, and furthermore, the sound is buggered too.
Why you ever even thought that people would want to watch this is totally beyond me. If you actually thought about it is probably unlikely that anyone would want to see it.
Please, put your videos on youtube. And mature up, the world has enough people like you.


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maybe if you werent being such an asshole people wouldn't be saying crap about your video i mean you even called newgrounds crap and i qoute "Youtube Is Shit So Is Newgrounds"


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overall horible

if your gonna make flash or even videos for that matter learn to take bad critisim. grow up and try harder


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Like everyone else has said this is a video. So stop with your petty insults and try to acknowledge that this video does not belong on Newgrounds. If you dont want to put it on YouTube then just don't put it anywhere. Its a video game movie of low quality. Its not a flash nor newgrounds quality.


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A 2 for effort?

That is giving to too much. Save this stuff for youtube. If really have to post stuff like this make it bigger, easier to see and increase the audio performance.


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not for newgrounds

this stuff is really more youtube worthy. I'll give you a 1 for effort


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Umm, no.

It is a youtube video, not flash, therefore it doesn't deserve this place.
It's low quality, it's boring, and it's just plain stupid and awful.
If you are going to make flash, learn to take criticism.


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Instant 0 for your rudeness.

pfft. I was actually gonna give you a 6 because it was good but not for newgrounds. But then I saw the responses you were giving these people who were trying to help you. So, just for that, you can go "...Get Drunk And Lay And They Middle Of The Street So A Car Can Hit You!!!!!!!!" To quote you there. Oh, and here:
"What ARe You A Fucking Five Year Old You Must Be Because You Just Showed How Fucking Stupid You Are Wow Ignorence Must Be Bliss!!!!!!!!!" and right here: "...You Go Shoot Yourself Please!!!!!!!!!" How does it feel to be mocked, my friend? Not very nice is it. Learn to make flash if you don't know how. These people are trying to help you and you are cursing at them for no good reason. you MUST be a 5 year old. Ok, so just go shoot your self in the middle of the street so a car c an hit you while you beg for gods forgiveness while you bleed to death.


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is the same one dubasss

1 was little
1 is big


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great,Amazing and very gooooooooood

i have played this game a very long time ago


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