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Creature of night part 2

rated 2.34 / 5 stars
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Nov 15, 2008 | 11:59 AM EST

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Author Comments

Vote 5 please! It is short, I think.



Rated 1 / 5 stars


It would have been Better if the background ACTUALLY MOVED!

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Little-Red-Bear responds:

you mean as it was running?


Rated 1 / 5 stars


Yeah, this was actually pretty terrible and your attitude doesn't really seem to help the whole situation. A lot of the comments below have been offering you fairly constructive criticism, offering you ways to bump this up from an animation with a score of two to maybe an animation with a score of 3-ish. By disregarding what they're saying and reverently denying their critiques you're doing yourself no favours.

The animation was pretty stale, flat and choppy. The 'creature' actually looked alright until it started moving, but you really have to get rid of the gradients, they make it look silly, try shading it manually. The jet looked like it was designed by Picasso; I've been to a lot of aviation museums and I've never seen a gun mounted on the fuselage that goes off on a 90 degree angle, they tend to go parallel with the body of the plane.

The story needs to be reworked, even if the whole creature of the night thing is going to be episodic or divided into multiple parts, each part should have a clear and distinct beginning, middle and end. I have no idea why the jet started attacking a random creature, or why the creature said that the jet pilot was a mortal. Is the creature immortal now? When did that happen? Why are they trying to kill it in the first place, especially if it's immortal? You've got the potential to be a good animator, don't blow it by being rude to the people who go out of their way to review your movies.

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Little-Red-Bear responds:

ha ha


Rated 0 / 5 stars

... wow

Your animation is poor, and what is actually there is about 20 seconds long, your characters look lifeless, and the action is pointless and crude.

But you know what, i could get past all that and write an honest review telling you tweak up some things and you'll get better and giving u some tips

Nukyew2 was being very honest and helpful, not a lot of people on newgrounds do that, he wrote a long critique or your work and he told you how to improve.

You know what you did?

You told him to shove it up his ass and you denied everything he said in a childish way. Let's see... you said...
(my own remarks are in parenthesis)

"Thanks for writeing an esay dick head, firstly how long do you think it should be 4 hours(What a stupid thing to say, he means it should be a reasonable length.)? Secondly, the creature looked like it was running you are just being a pain in the ass(The creature does not look like its running, and you can't make that go away by denying it.). Third, the creature is faster than a cheater(Hmmmm, it doesn't look like it, from the way the mountains in the backrounds aren''t moving, tokk me a second to realize the creature wasn't standing still). Fourth, the creature was in fact very detailed you are just stupid to say that(The creature is not very detailed... and there you go again calling him a name and denying his opinion. So childish!).Next, the creature was faceing forward all the time because he was watching the human he kills at the end. Sixth, the macine guns are pointing out on some planes you can see if you have ever been to a war musem(What does this have to do with ANYTHING?). Seventh.The booooooooms! and explosions were good(No, they wren't and he told you how you could improve them.Asshole.), Next, the human was good a drawing thanks, but the creature dived on his back and tore his head off(Didn't look like it...).Nineth, the backgrounds were long strechs off grass(Why are there aliens landing in grassy fields, with one or two soldiers appearing randomly hear and there?). Finaly, you can shove your reveiw right up your ass(What a stupid, stupid, thing to say.)."

Yeah, well i might have tried to give you some tips,
but i know you'd just tell me to go to hell or something gay like that.

Your a snotty asshole who needs a lesson in manners and in animation

Good day.

If you are going to respond like a childish, snotty, stubborn asshole, then don't bother responding at all.

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Little-Red-Bear responds:



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


it won't run on my computer for some reason.....well, I saw your first one but I didn't care to review it, too busy. I hope the next one works....

Little-Red-Bear responds:

Thanks, but if it is a white screen just wait for it to load or click the X at the top and try again.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Better than part 1...

...but to be honest, it still needs improvement.
It's quite on the short side, and maybe you should consider waiting untill you post part 3, untill you have more than this. Put it all together later, and I'm pretty sure the reviews will be better.
Also, you told me in my review on part 1 there should me much more deaths, but in fact I actually saw just one.

Just improve your skills, keep getting better and better, make the shots less static and make more story.
Because now you have just 2 random short scenes.

If i might give you another hint; in the first shot of this one, you see some explosions and a running creature.
You have drawn some hills as well, but i suggest you let them move slowly to the right, to make it look like the creature is actually getting away from the place he is standing at.
Loop that movement, and also make sure the explosions don't hit the same place over and over and over again.
I should do the same with the fighter, but with clouds for suggesting movement. Also let it go a bit up and down.

@ FavouriteBear: Read the 'guidelines for posting reviews', section F.
I can understand you don't agree with someone else's reviews, but you are actually not allowed to say that in one of yours. And IF you feel to do so, make sure it's not filling up your whole review, because the only thing you've actually reviewed now, is the review of nukyew2.

Little-Red-Bear responds:

Thanks friend! But please you can annoy nukyew2, but be friends with Favorite bear he is cool!