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Okay so this was a quick flash for our After Effects class where people in their major had to do a commercial relating to their major in less then a week, I was the unlucky sod to be the ONLY animation major in that crummy class... anyways. Enjoy a weeks worth of work while juggling everything at school and life. Love it, hate it or... do whatever with it.

Also, everyone loves Mario so I put his music at the end... yay... AREN'T I OPTIMISTIC?!

I also need to learn more about flash, but not bad for a first try I think.



Omg that was so funny I woke up my mom (2AM) xD

Got milk?

Another typical situation in the life of a man :p
Well done!

This is a really good start !

However , the sound at the start was skrechted , if you are good like this as your first flash then you will become a god in animation , quite impressive flash with a good humour in it. Your drawing is really good !

Nice work ;)

is this ure first try?
it's very beatiful x]

Oh yeah.

How about "brilliant" for a first try instead of just "not bad"?. This was hilarious, I loved it. The drawing style was really good, especially where the female anatomy was involved, and I loved the simplicity of it. The lack of background in most scenes actually worked in favor of the flash instead of against it, which happens in some cases. Nice idea, the Got Milk phrase is often overused or made unfunny through stupid jokes, but this was a fresh approach and I really did find it original and amusing. I think you should definitely make more animations; this was a classic example of flash ingenuity. If you make more, I'll look forward to them for sure.
For a week, it's pretty good. You have my thumbs up.

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4.27 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2008
6:26 AM EST
Comedy - Parody