the moon and the stars

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rescue the stars by guiding them to the moon.
Use the mouse to make them move by passing the pointer over them with the left mouse button down

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...But this is just not fun....

Nice design and cute game

Well.. the music and the sounds were perfect, it fits the game very well. At first the game is pretty hard but with some practice it gets better. I think there should have been an easy mode for players that are not good at these type of game. On the easy mode there could have been a bigger cursor for instance.

I think the name isn't really original either ;P .. for your next game you cold think of some kind of a short story.. it's always nice when there's a background for the game

good job

Nice graphics and sound :)

I very much like the idea of this game. It's original and holds a challenge. I do think the pace is a bit slow, but that just could be my impatient nature.

I love the graphics, you really made an effort in making the game look good. The music and sound is great too, making the feel of the game relaxed and good.

I don't like the gameplay so much. I think the stars should react a bit more direct to my mouse. Combined with faster moving stars it would create more "feeling" in the movement you make. I do like the way the stars move in reaction to the input, seems very natural (As far as stars moving around can feel natural ;)).

I'll give you a 6, as the entertainment value isn't really high for me at this point.

Not fun

I can appreciate the amount of effort it took to make this, but the fact is that the game simply isn't any fun -- it precisely emulates the experience of sweeping the floor with a broom. If that's what I wanted to do, I'd arrange things so that I got a clean house to boot.


I think it can be fun. But not for me.

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2.67 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2008
3:23 AM EST
Skill - Collect