Box Buncher

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Fly your box around the screen attempting to dodge the bad blocks, aim for the boosts, and collect bonus points in this addicting and original physics based puzzler. Sponsored by Play4all.net. Enjoy, have fun, and submit your highscore!


hey newareagle!

remember me! lol. i've seen better and it isn't quite there yet. i think with some fixes it could probably be alot better

areagle responds:

Yes definitely. Acidball will be the sequel to it. It should be out in 2 weeks or so.

Kind of glitchy- what a scratch-ish term!

Hi Areagle, nice game! I liked it, but it was Glitchy, as we say in scratch. but nice music, graphics, kind of hard to control. I would love it if this could be made more... user-friendly?

areagle responds:

Dont worry, that version was very beta i guess you could say. Im around 50 percent complete with a scroller version of this game, and its about 10x better.

This is an unstable game.

You get half the points available becaues you didn't really polish this game.
At all, it feels like.

First of if you got enough speed (which isn't that much) you can zip through the walls, and you can also go through most objects without much speed.

Another thing, the whole bouncing physics are annoying, it is unstable and tried to be realistic, but that is just bounding to problems.

You get a 5 for the good stuff tho, good idea, next time work a little harder tho!

areagle responds:

The blocks were meant to be gone through from the right side, what do you mean polish the game? Graphics or coding? The bouncing physics just are very extreme when it comes to the direction of your box on the surface. It could have been like 2x as resistant but it would have been to easy.

Lol Quick time burner! 10/10

Awesome Game! Those dam blocks are annoying but you get through it easy.

areagle responds:

Glad you liked, I worked hard on it :p

great game

phyics was a little of but overall i enjoyed it defo its a new game in the way it been done,

areagle responds:

Thank you, Im glad you had fun playing it, sorry i dont know advanced physics yet :p

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4.08 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2008
7:53 PM EST
Skill - Collect