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8-bit Mario Shorts

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Well guys and gals, it has been a while since I have submitted a flash movie on NewGrounds but...I have been making this movie on and off for a while now and I have just finished it...so without further to do! Here it is! 8-bit Mario Shorts! Hope you all enjoy it! - BigDave

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it was super funny

Poor quality but I like these kind of movies

I didn't find the jokes funny but I would say some were "enjoyable" mainly because of how they were backed up by just shoving in some music at the end of the clip.
Hmm, I feel like I might be giving this a score that is too high. The only thing that keeps this flash standing is the overuse of quotes from movies. But I know I am a sucker for loud, unexpected, random in your face jokes that are just slapped together. So, that is what I got from this flash and why you're getting a fairly decent score.


Thats soo funny!!

It wasn't too bad.

okay, so first off, I am SICK (!!!!!) of seeing people blam things for unoriginality. There are so many other things people could count off for, but people count off for the jokes being overused. I mean, good grief!!!!
second off, I am tired of seeing people ruthlessly blam things when they haven't submitted anything (or anything good) of their own.
Third, SPRITE STUFF DOESN"T SUCK!!!! seriously, people, it's as viable of a medium as anything else.
So now that my ranting is done...
This wasn't bad! I would definitely change the rating to teen, put in either mild nudity or something like that.
I do have to agree with a couple of the joke issues, though. Some of the jokes were way too overused throughout the film. Too much Samuel L. Jackson, for instance. If you need help with content, look up stuff by Bigfoot3290. He's got a lot of good stuff.
For those couple things, dropped you 3 pts.

3/5 7/10


You put this as
Comedy - Original

Hmmm.......i'm sorry but that was neither funny nor original. I don't think anything at all was actually original.
Samual L Jacksons voice...not original, Mario spriting...not original, All your base...not original, Peanut butter Jelly time...that just deserves to have its balls put in a blender, sprite fights...every fight is different but really now, it just wasn't interesting enough, The Matrix...hell no, not original

I believe that people have the right to make whatever they want to, but as long as it isn't exactly the same as some other flash that is exactly the same as some other flash that is exactly the same as some other flash, etc, etc...

I'm giving you two stars, however because you actually put all of this stuff together and put a little work in to get the finished peice. Not alot of thinking work, but work anyhow.

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3.40 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2008
7:35 PM EST