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Instawin 3: Grand Prize

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Author Comments

Well folks, the best game series by Wegra2008 Finally comes to an end. Click the Play this Game button and witness an awesome prize like none other. I hope you enjoyed the series as much as I had making it. Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and win!

Update 11/17/09: You know something? I think theres a posiblity to make an Instawin 4. And I'll see if i can get MEDALS in the next and final installment for real.


Not as funny

Well, I think you should end this series with this one.
While I think the first two installments of this are indeed quite funny the joke is getting old here.
The idea of giving away "very low quality porn" is good, but the theme as a whole (instawin) starts to get boring.

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Yeah, well... here's the thing. The first one was good, 'cuz it was random. The second one was a bit over-exagerated... and this one... well, you just kinda lost it on this one. Sorry, man. With this submission, nobody wins.

Oh boy.

I'm surprised you didn't upset a bunch of kids wanting to get porn in this episode. I guess it wasn't as funny the third time around. The first one was the funniest, the second one had some humor, but the third might have just been too much. I guess it's good that you didn't continue this though because I don't think that I would have enjoyed anymore after this. Anyway, what you really need on these flashes in some sort of ending. Whether it just be a replay button a screen that says the end. That's the really only thing that I can think of improving on this other than the animation, plot, humor, graphics, audio, etc..

Well, I won.

Quite frankly I'm surprised that I won. I expected to lose miserably shortly before getting thrown to a pack of lions by First Sergent Schumacher. Thanks to you, I now have higher self esteem, greater confidence in myself and no fear of being tossed to a pack of lions. Thanks to you, I will not in fact need a green and tan Hawaiian shirt, for I am not hiding from Captain Rossley and Commander Jones. now I can wear all the red and tan Hawaiian shirts I need. They are made of thickly woven Australian funnel web spider web, which can protect me from sharp objects, bullets, ex-girlfriends, bad math test scores, mandarin oranges in a can, bad submissions, empty Dr. Pepper cans, green Ramen noodles, Veralion, Adam K., civil war cannons, trampolines with holes in them, bad dreams, mechanical pencils, empty tissue boxes full of minature bowling balls hurled at me by a 694 pound gorilla who is trying to get me to Captian Rossley who is trying to get me to First Sergent Schumacher who is trying to catch me to toss me to a pack of lions. And hairy cupcakes. Mr. Hazel told us a story where he and his wife had gone to Greece, lost $250 in travelers checks, couldn't find the slips, had a cat that he was allergic to, had to read graffiti, needed 783 bottles of toothpicks to ward off the yeti and found his travelers checks in a box of handkerchiefs.

This submission has nothing do with anything in particular, so neither does my review, so therefore it is on topic.

It was a good submission and it made me laugh. It also saved my life as I have stated above.

Abschiedsgruß von bei der stationen von Abteilung Flugbetrieb der Bundeswehr.

"Goodbye from near the station of the Federal Armed Forces; Flight Operations Division, Germany."

Wegra responds:

I'm Wegra and I'm an achohaulic.
*Hi Wegra!*

0 is just to much

that's not even a game

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Wegra responds:

Yeah, well your not even a Level 25 yet! So do your self a favor and go get a sense of humor.

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Credits & Info

0.62 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2008
7:23 PM EST
Gadgets - Other