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Bright in the screen CLNR

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Author Comments

Experience first-hand social human behavior.
A less gLitChy version of The Bright in the ScreenCHAOS, with easier levels and some changes here and there.

Also, for those folks that don't want to work it out themselves: walkthrough...
Check it here: http://happie.newgrounds.


So is this like...

I played the chaos version (which never gave me the hint the CLNR did) and clicked the first door I saw which didn't let me get past here.

Also, I do agree with all you said up there, though anyone who has played the CLNR should also play the CHAOS since I personally found a more enjoyable experience being frustrated. If you played chaos first, then the CLNR will feel too... easy since you have gotten the worst of the worst. CLNR to chaos though I predict would be even more challenging since there are obsticles that you wouldn't expect (not to mention the level where you speed up and become a wall runner my favorite part that made me sad when you took it out :'()

Is the door the same in CHAOS as CLNR? Because I never saw the screen telling me to click the right door.

HapPie responds:

If you mean the very first door, yeah, it tells you to click it.
If you mean the "last" door(s), they are different in both versions.

Loved it

I loved the game, it was scary and made me think (especially the "you can close the game whenever you want").

I just wondered, is the level with rainbow colours really the end? you fooled us once already :3.

HapPie responds:

Click the 7th door from the left.
You'll love what comes next.

now this is what im talking about!

thanx alot for fixing it! i have to agree that this is the scariest game ive ever played. scarier than resident evil 4 (i never got the chance to play dead space and i suck at all other horror games) the red freals are so disturbing, how thay can they imitate you, theyll press things to get untrapped and use the wall glitch to get to you, i also love how the path is never direct, you can go in one area and still think youre doing the right thing because you find messages annd buttons there, but then you realize youre trapped and you try to figure out where to go. meanwhile the red freaks have gotton themselves out and are glitching to get you! this is a great improvement on the other version so you deserve a 10/10!

HapPie responds:

Red Freak > Regenerador & Iron Maidens?


Ok, thanks for the review.
You should try other horror games, there a lot of things scarier than Resi 4, Dead Space for example (although it's more of a BOO! than a true scare, sometimes it's a BLAARGH BAM BAM BRRRRSSSHHSH AGH BOO! WHERETHEHELLDIDYOUCOMEFROM scare)


Possibly the scariest game Ive ever played
Just because it looked so basic but the computer and the freaks just made the atmoshpere so eerie and...well freaky. I give this game a perfect score because it was so mysterious and out of the ordinary
By the wway I couldn't get pas tthe part where you become a red freak.

HapPie responds:

Well... there are scarier games.
But I will accept your compliment.



Fantastic game. I liked that each level was very different, and the levels did make it seem like my character was going insane. I enjoyed the dark atmosphere and text along the way. Perfect music choices, too. It was a bit buggy, and I died near the end of a level once when my character was "teleported" somewhere and died.

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HapPie responds:

At least you died, instead of falling into nothingness, like in the previous version.

That was awesome though.

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Credits & Info

4.37 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2008
4:38 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place November 15, 2008