Firework Nights

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I love firework displays - can't get enough of them. I was playing with pixel effects in AS3 and this game came to life out of code experiments I was tinkering with.

There are three waves of firework displays. You must set off each display at the right moment to cause a chain reaction and wow the crowds. You only have 1 click per display, so time your clicking carefully!

Oh, and make sure you have the sound cranked up to 11! :)

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Great Effects

Really nice graphics. I'm actually working on a fireworks game myself with a different engine (don't worry, mine look entirely different), but I love your style! You have a really solid base, but it would be awesome if you could elaborate on this game a little more. Like some others said, it's a little too short.

Hopefully I'll be done my game soon, so we can compare fireworks ;)

Yay explosions!

Huzzah for explosions! This is a very entertaining game. Chain reactions are fun, explosions are fun... everything is fun. Something I'd like though would be some sort of instructions, since you don't really explain what to do.... I'd also like if there were some sort of sandbox/endless mode as well... perhaps you could have some level progression too by increasing the number of waves or fireworks per wave? I dunno.... either way, this is a great game for the explosive-lover in all of us.

Playerthree08 responds:

Hey, there is a Bejewelled-inspired 'endless' mode on the Fingertime web site. Click the link through from the splash page if you'd like to play it.

Pretty Cool

I do agree that it needs instructions...but all you've gotta do is get a long chain of fireworks by launching an ignited one to destroy the rest.

That being said....it is quite short. I do love the art and everything, but maybe you should create the chain reaction game with this. Explode 20 fireworks to pass, etc. It could be cool. And then perhaps go to different areas after every ten (10) or so levels.

But hey, it looks awesome, and gave me a thrill...so 8/10


Intructions. didnt know what i was doing for a while

Playerthree08 responds:

I've added some simple instructions to give people a hint. Didn't think it warranted a full page explanation !

*fap fap fap*

This is a really great game! The only think that it could possible have to make it better is probably an endless night mode which is basically like a free play. That, and maybe a sandbox. Keep making great flashes!

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4.49 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2008
12:29 PM EST
Skill - Other