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It's 11pm and I'm bored out of my mind so you all have to suffer my nonsensical flash.

Plus made this with a view to making it a game just can't think what sort... something like a maze one????

AAHHHHHHH!!!! now I see the game below me is just the sort I thought of making :( really not my day..,.


nice game...... not xD

make it better by using sounds, creating lvls, using more boredom, get more people to work it out, make a nice game and above all..............


Little-Bacchus responds:

Have a look at my others it did make it to being a game of sorts :D

Well it's super fun if you're bored

You have the basic concept of the mouse going towards the cheese with a click. And it is fun when you're super bored, like really when you're bored you can do a lot with it ha but besides that it's a cute drawing of a mousie and the title is catchy
=] keep working it'll be good I bet

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Little-Bacchus responds:

Thanks :D I think I'll have a go at trying to make it into something more game like.

Well, it's a good concept...

Hopefully you can make this into a decent to playable game. It is a pretty good idea, I guess. You must have been real bored.

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Little-Bacchus responds:

Thanks and at some point I'll give it a go :) I like to channel my boredom creatively lol


this could actually be a cool idea for a game...work on it some more. i kinda look forward to seeing some development on this.

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Little-Bacchus responds:

I will give it a go but someone got to it before me (see game below) :(

this game is boring!!!!!

hate it

Little-Bacchus responds:

It is.... but Yay the AS worked.

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2.44 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2008
6:23 PM EST
Gadgets - Other