NiGHTS of dumbness 2

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*Nights, Journey of Dumness part 2*
Good grief, after 5 months it's finally done.
Might be usefull to watch part 1 first, part 2 get's right to bussines.

No doubt this is the most intensely animated thing I made yet, and the worse part is that it doesn't even look THAT good.
Ah well, next up, this year's christmas thing, back in good old Tweens since I'm pretty tired of FBF' ing now this is finished.
Except I probably have to do some more fbf things for school anyway..

Anyway, about the movie:
No, NiGHTS doesn't have a gender, no Jackle isn't in it, and I would link you to the youtube video I got the end song from, but that one vanished, and as such I have no idea what the song's name is, sorry.

Voices by copycat, cornsilk and wolfdragon
thanks guys.
And yeah, the movie's completely finished, finally covering my favorite part of Journey of Dream's story; the final act.

Ah, Wizeman being angry at Nights for not following orders he never gave, destroying the world by just staring in space, trying to kill the kids by hovering them over a teleporter that sends the kids into his own lair, turning NiGHTS into a better servant even tough he's going to destroy the world, including NiGHTS anyway, Wizeman fighting NiGHTS by not doing anything, the kids saving the world and thuss destroying it, forgetting everything they learned, including Will's emo thoughts about his dad not caring for him(altough the only "proof" we have for Will's father to neglect Will is where he went off to work. How dare he!)

And then when the dreamworld is doomed, Will wakes up, and his powerfull dreams cause his dad to go watch him play soccer or something. Yes, incredible. Give Sonic team a storytelling medal.


wow this kinda reminds me of when i played this game except this animation makes it funny.

does reala have a gender?
and how did the kids learn how to fly?

i love it

she is danceing infront of me

everything in this is true

all the dumb things in this video like the floating lock door part is all true i have the game and i think the game is pretty dumb like the part in the game when will says something about his father that has nothing to do with nights. your showing dumb things that are actually true right?

Really great! Loved it!

....I swear I heard the song in the ending credits from somewhere before....

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Nov 12, 2008
9:08 PM EST
Comedy - Parody