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Bioshock Soundboard

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So I have a ton of Bioshock sound clips. This is easily one of the best games I've ever played so I thought I'd put a simple sound board together. These aren't even half of the clips I have. So if this is received well, and anyone would like some more. I'd put together a better, bigger one.

Note: the screw at the bottom is a button that stops all sounds. This includes the music. So if you want the music back reload the flash or wait for it to loop around. Thanks!

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/469743

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mr.bubbles from bioshock1 and 2!


i feel like im in rapture again but without those fucking splicers great job

Not Bad But...

You should put stopAllSounds() before all the actionscript in each of the buttons so that it will only play that one sound and stop playing a sound that's already playing if you click a new one. (some of those were really long...)

Also, I'm not sure if you used buttons or movie clips to play each of the sound clips, buut if you used buttons, double click on it and go to the frame labeled "hit." You should make each button able to be clicked anywhere on the button, not just on the actual text.

You probably already know how to do all of this stuff, but just a few ideas to improve it. :)


on the game I completed the game and you can become a big daddy and get a little sister who calls you mr bubbles


Man this game is awesome good thing they are making a third one from the same creators of this one unlike the second one