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Stinky Bean 2

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Stinky bean is back in a Sokoban-esque puzzle game.

Arrows - Move
A - Undo
D - Redo
P - Pause

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Completed .the end??

Pretty okay game.
-I like the idea of having a unique game play from the sequel compared to the first. The atmosphere and artwork here is better than the first.
-The fact that you can customize the level is a plus.
-The music is great.

- WHERE. IS. THE. ENDING?!? I've completed all of the levels and still there is no ending. I really wanted to know what happens after the stinky bean finishes putting all of the monkey statues over the pedastool.
- Having a unique gameplay compared to the first is fine but this is too much of a change and overall it is kinda dull compared to the first. The world in the 2nd game is better looking but it also needs to be whacker like the first. And in terms of game play I still prefer the first game.

Overall, This game is okay, but I wonder why change from an action shooter from the first all the way to being a puzzle sliding on the 2nd?

Pretty fun, and funny, one of the better Sokoban like games out there.

My biggest gripe with it is that the stinky bean hero moves absurdly slowly. Even in low quality, it takes him half a second to just take a step, which doesn't sound like much I know, but it builds up very quickly and breaks the flow of them game very well.

Kinda fun

Well here was a fun game, kind of interesting it was different but must say the "STORY" of it all was very well done, the game play was a tad confusing, a suggestion would be maybe add some "MEDAL" options that would really make this a fun game. anyways nice job here.

Fun game you have here, Medals would be a nice touch on this game, They really do make these types of game more enjoyble and with a few medals would really push it over the edge, just another nice option to think about on improving this game.



Puzzle? You got to be kidding me