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Author Comments

Small space shooter, my first attempt in Actionscript 3. Use mouse to control the ship (it shoots automatically). Raise your fire-power by shooting down enemies.

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This was a pretty good game although the music was kinda annoying after a while. I found that the fact that there's no shooting button made the game a lot easier. Overall, this is an awesome pick up and play game.

Nice as a first attempt.

A very good first game. I enjoy arcade style games, this is a pretty good one. Keep up the good work.

Very, very frustrating shooter

Well, to start with the positive aspects of your game, the graphics were nice; many different sprites for enemy ships and turrets. Some of the enemies had random patters, i enjoyed that as it contributes to replay value.
That leads us smoothly to the bad stuff, as the second wave (asteroids) were also random, and with your pitiful one/two-shot-blaster, you were oftentimes simply not able to blast a hole in the belt big enough to fly through! Ungh, the damn second wave (nearly) killed me at 50% of my tries! Well, there goes the replayability-bonus...
Also, when you accidentally left the window with your mouse, your ship DROPPED DEAD and stopped shooting. when you entered the window again, the ship floated slooowly to your cursor's position, still not shooting!
Then, the upgrade mechanic... novel at it may be, it's a pain in the ass. one enemy hit will reduce you almost one level, rendering you helpless against the ongoing onslaught.
Finally, the 1st boss looked extremely anticlimatic, like something slopped together from basic lego bricks. would it have hurt to include another sprite? Damn, an enlarged "basic enemy" sprite would have done better.
I couldn't bother playing the second level, as I was immediately killed by attackers from the back, insulted as a housewife and sent back to level one.
Nice try, but just what appears to be a frame of a game, with a lot of content missing (health packs? Yes, they are needed.).
cheers, Timotheus

Credits & Info

4.38 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2008
7:22 AM EST