Bowling fun

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Why I'm fun to take bowling? I get strikes when I fail! :D



you almost tripped! but anyways you should work on your lines and perfect them to whatever style you might want to try and also you should experiment with tones seeing as your only using black and white at the moment. this reminded me of something so i will pm you something you might be interested in.

EaterofOrphans responds:

ya if you look at some of my paintings and other works http://eateroforphans.deviantart.com/ I tend to be all over the place XD

you are right though, I need to work on color usage XD


short, but nice work anyway..


That was a little short, yes, but, it was a pretty good flash. If you could draw 10 frames of bowling in an anime style, then we'll be talking of something awesome! Until then, this will have to do.

EaterofOrphans responds:

thanks, if I go bowling again, ill being a audio recorder, the sound from this was pulled from a friend's cell... thanks for the review :D

Awesome animation!

The animation in this was great! The movements were so realistic. I can't wait to see a full length cartoon like this.

EaterofOrphans responds:

When I get a little more time, I DO plan to have something like, 2 or 3 min long.. thanks for the support :D

a start

the animation graphics were good, but this movie is in no way long enough to be acceptable. try making something at least a minute long.

EaterofOrphans responds:

I've seen much shorter animations get way higher scores, this was just a chronicle of an extremely lucky moment, I do agree it could be longer. I do however completely disagree with the score, as the animation itself, which is whats being scored, does have good quality. 0 is quite harsh for someone to dish out, especially from someone who hasn't even made a flash for NG.. I could see like, 3/10 or 4/10 but that's just me...

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2.82 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2008
3:58 PM EST
Comedy - Original