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Star Raider

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Star Raider, a 2D shooter that takes players across three distinct levels as they battle their way through droves of enemy fighters, whose one and only intention is to turn you into a neat pile of space dust. Players will be able to find a range of weapons and power-ups which will come in handy as they progress through three intense levels of game play, fighting a varied cast of enemies and level bosses alike.

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Excellent work on this one stunning graphics

Kinda fun

Not bad, I had fun with this for a bit...a little too easy to die but that's how it was back in the day :P

Nice visuals...

Although it takes a few seconds to get use to the movement (minor "gripe" really). Otherwise this is a good game.

Pretty decent

Liked it, except that u can only get hit 3 times. Keep it up!

i got raided

i liked the idea , and this has a lot of potential. but here are some suggestions

1. you should really try to make it a little more forgiving. i got hit like 3 times and had a game over, which was frustrating as i had finally obtained a power up. the fact that i soon lost it by taking damage only adds to the frustration.
2.I really never had a clue how much life i had left.
3.The music is upbeat and nice at first but it soon loses its charm. how about a little variety?.

Otherwise i like the graphics , and its obvious that you put some work into this. so good job