Bronswik: The Snail Key

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This is my second attempt at flash animation and action scripting.
It was for a college brief, where we had to create an interactive image revolving around the concept of a key. There is still a lot I wanted to add to this, including voice sounds, and a lot of small animation details as well as more interaction with each scene. anyways, I ran out of time and ended up handing this in.

Hope everyone enjoys my first submission on NG :)

oh, and make sure you have the 3 "CORRECT" items before you hit transmute.
have fun!

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a great short point&click.

i finished it pretty quickly, but it had some neat solutions. It might take upwards of a half hour if you didnt show people what you had to lazer.

SashaZA responds:


Loved the ending

Not bad, though i noticed that when you click where the salt was, a pice of salt pops out.

SashaZA responds:

wow, nicely spotted!
that bug is possibly a game ruiner.

is it possible to resubmit the game without submiting the whole game again, and thus having 2 versions on the site?

what can i say?

we'll for starters it was pretty good, just the ambience gets a bit boring, but the idea was pretty cool. willl you be updating this version or no?

SashaZA responds:

hopefully, i'd like to. I wont make it longer, but things that I may update include interacting more with each scene like being able to shoot more things. better and smoother animation as well as sound. things like when you drop the salt onto the snail, the snail will sizzle up and maybe goo will constantly drip off the sign.

i have all the sounds recorded... i just couldn't work out script for stopping the sounds from looping over each other when i change scenes.

anyways, thanks a very much for your feedback and criticism. it's much appreciated.


Very nice!

It was a bit medium.
But it was sure nice.
The end ''Haha u pawn human now i can take over the world.''
Nice job

SashaZA responds:

Thank you ^_^

Pretty decent for a first

however i would have liked to see a level 2 after you discover the snail is evil, such as your inside its ship and you must disable it. however i realize you ran out of time . on a side the the bird sounds were annoying

SashaZA responds:

Ditto on the bird sounds. man they annoy me too.
Level two would have been lovely had i had more time. It was a college brief so unfortunately wasn't possible ;<

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3.50 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2008
10:51 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click