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Thanks for underdog, I ques? lol

I have seen many people asking how they could steal a flash so they can get populair on newgrounds to. I think everybody deserves a chance to get famous on newgrounds, so that's why I made this tutorial.
So, if you are lazy, bad at flash or whatever, watch this tutorial and steal as many flashes as you want.



u gotta be a a noob to not see that comin thanks guys it was funny and i expected something like a leer meh :( no leer!?!?! but anyways it was helpful funny and u pulled off some of the elemnt of surprise yay....

Shoop da Whoop

Lmao xD


Sweet deal. I'm downloading this flash right now so I can change the yelling face to a red yelling face then I'll re-upload it so I can be the under dog of the week! (Yeah, I'm not really..) Good vid, obvious point and funny. I honestly thought it was just going to show me how to download the swf so I could watch them from my desktop, lol.

Fora responds:

haha, thanks for the review

Angry Faic is Pretty Awesome.

So yes, this flash is very simplistic but very effective. It jolts good memories of that previous Angry Faic rant where he thrashes on rip off authors who either make another tired cliche ridden madness flick and the "My Newgrounds" fad. I would never ever steal some one elses flash. Hopefully, as soon as I learn to draw figures well with a mouse, and color properly, I will release a flash and will not have to feel so guilty writing these reviews.

Fora responds:

Buy a pen tablet, works much better. And hopefully you'll get better then me:P

Good Aim, but bad approaches

I respect ur reason of making this "trap" flash...
If u want to gain respect & more famous through this, u should make alot better animation (The talking angry face ; its the only thing that animated here)

Good cursing, btw! xD

Fora responds:

Yea, but it was made just for fun. It didn't took to long. If I knew it would get such a high score I would have made it much better

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Nov 10, 2008
1:38 PM EST
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