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Link is Ready For Action!

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Comedy - Parody

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Nov 9, 2008 | 8:11 PM EST

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Author Comments

I made this animation out of a comic made by Scott Ramsoomair and YES I have his approval in this.
And just to make sure you all know that I give 100 % credit to him I'll make it clear for ya:

Scott Ramsoomair made this comic the animation is based on and I have his permission!
Scott Ramsoomair made this comic the animation is based on and I have his permission!
Scott Ramsoomair made this comic the animation is based on and I have his permission!
Scott Ramsoomair made this comic the animation is based on and I have his permission!
Scott Ramsoomair made this comic the animation is based on and I have his permission!

I think you all now know that I did not STEAL anything here.
I got his approval and made a animation from the comic, The End.




Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good work for my taste

Kicks major butt! The animation is good and funny.But I didnt see how Link suddenly teleported to his backyard and the cobwebs turned into a tree with a face.Did you really ask Scott for his permission? Cos if you didnt ask for his permission then its called ''ILLEGAL COPYRIGHTING". Not that I am not satisfied with your animation,I just wanted to know if you asked Scott. Smell the ashes,dude.This is life and you cant illegaly copyright someone else's content.Although I was finding some Link animations with their OWN ideas.Only the minds of the creative can OWN your video.I was thinking of Link finding some treasure when he suddenly got trapped in a cave. In the dark shadows of the cave stood Super Mario.Link stares at him blindly. Super Mario pulled out a small box. Inside stood the All expensive,rare,sacred Red ruby gem. Link try's to snatch it from Mario's Grubby hands but Mario rips out his shirt and out appears a 25 foot tall and muscular 6 packed mexican guy. Mario attacks and Link fly's out of the cave. When he came to,he found himself on a deserted island but the ruby was in his hands. He thought for a while about the unforseen consequences. He said ''WHAT THE HECK" and opened the box's lid.He looks frightened when he saw the shining thing in the box,he immediately fainted and was knocked out for 560 years. When he woke up,He saw an empty dimension without anything in sight and he thought for a while. He read his journal about the guide to gems.He was shocked to see the information about the red gem. It was protected by Mario like he saw in the cave. Another paragraph says that the gem gives the powers to end time and put the user to sleep for 6 and a half centuries.He laid back down on the floor and started to sigh,he said, 'SHIT,WHY DID I GO FOR THE RUBY?!I SHOULD HAVE GONE FOR THE DAMN FUCKING TOPAZ.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Concept is unoriginal.

Not only are you making a parody, but you're doing so with someone else's idea. I personally contacted Scott of VGCats and asked him if you had obtained his permission in advance to make this cartoon. He said "No", and though he has no problem with it now that you've made it and credit him, you were lying when you say you had his permission.
So therefore not only is this another cheap parody, but it's one done with a concept that doesn't even belong to you.
And even if he were to give his full blessing upon you making this, couldn't you have done better and come up with something on your own? You can claim little credit for this cartoon or take little pride in it because of this.

The animation was somewhat shoddy. Be careful with those motion tweens; they can turn from a crutch to a hinderance if you use them inadequately.

You might also seek out better voices in the future. Navi was disappointing.

Also, the floating triangles about the preloader were not enjoyable. They actually detracted from this flash's overall quality. Very amateurish.
Some people assume what's on the preloader doesn't matter, but it does set up the viewer's expectations and overall impression of the piece before it even begins.
So you might want to do away with the borrowed gifs and gradient backgrounds, even if it's in favor of a plain one (hey, nothing wrong with that at least).

Hope that helps. And don't steal.

Todination responds:

You sound like a real pro ^^

But really I made contact with Scott and he said it was fine, I even saved the mail in case of people like you making up stories such as yours.

I also checked out some of your movies. It must be really easy for you to look down on ppl the way you do. Did you ask the makers of Saw for permission for the work you did? Well, I did all that I could to get permission to do this flash. Since it seemes important to you to be right, I can post the mail for you to read it. I could also contact Scott again, reminding him of me asking for permission. It's obviously a big misunderstanding.

Well, gl with the rest of your pro-work. I hope you find as much joy as you put down time in trying to push down others, based on non-facts.

Have a good day.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hey you could tell
me how to download the videos to seeing
in my computer please
OH and that
was too funny


Rated 5 / 5 stars


That's awesome. Indeed you need to use fire for those darn spiderwebs.. but I wasn't clever enough that I was inside a wooden tree... good old days.
Nice animation.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

short but hilarious

the screaming deku tree had me laughing out loud