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Monster Dropper

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My first time making this type of puzzle game.

An engaging puzzle game where players are given 10 lanes to drop 8 different types of monster blocks on top of each other. Match and destroy.

- attractive and bright game
- clear blocks of stones
- 5 levels of difficulty

The timer stops when you are moving and dropping monsters, so by moving and dropping faster, you can actually delay the dropping of next wave!

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I love the music and the game in general, the thematic and the original are presents and it's a very fresh idea, congratulations

Nice idea but needed more playtesting

I pretty mujch agree with the viewers and can;t think of mroe to add, except theirs no way to win and you never get a feeling of progression

Again, great potential

Fist of all the graphics are great, but there a lot of flaws like you cant continue to move more than one space and you don't get enough time to drop the other monsters that you hold and it does not indicate what monster you will get next. but on the other hand you obviously spent a lot of time on this due to the graphics so *Thumbs Up*

Great Potential, but considerable flaws...

First of all, I'm giving you a 5 just because I see great potential on your game, but besides that, I actully deserves a 1 or 2 just for the good presentation and production value of it.
Your system is good, but it is completely broken. I just saw the other reviews, so I see most poits have already being touched... So just to make sure, YES I agree with all of them.
It is a pain to see another wave of monsters falling on everything the player have been aranging without any previous warning. It gets specially painfull when it happens when you have just droped a monster that was going to make a huge combo, but than the wave comes AFTER I've droped it, and my block is placed ON TOP of the wave, and my combo is ruined...

The fear of the wave comming and screwing up your game could be cool, but you NEED A WARNING (upercase letters are being used just to give emphasis to my point, but it does not mean I'm yelling at you =P)
A timer would realy be great. And it would even add to the sattisfaction of making combos if that slowed time down and the player could see that happening in the on screen timer.

Another point, that other people haven't made yet. After I lost for the first time, and went on to play again, I tried to use the monster wave to my advantages. That is, use the monsters that I know are going to fall to make my combos. At that moment, I thought that was the whole point of the game, since ou had a preview of what the next wave of monsters is gonna be like. But it doesn't work! The monsters that fall from the celling MUST MAKE COMBOS TOO... That is what the player exects to happen, and that would give some deapth to the game too.
I relise you fear that this would make the game easy, and more of a matter of luck than skill... Well, no. Not if it is done right. All you need to do, is make sure that when the next row of monsters is built, they wont match the monsters already placed in the bottom. And thus, the monster wave wont trigger anny automatic combo, unless the ones that have been thoughfully set up by the player.

A nice little feature would also be a preview of the look of the board with the upcoming wave of monsters before it actully falls. I dont know how to explain this idea well, but try to picture, the blocks on the top of the screen, that show what are the monsters about to fall when the next wave comes, they should have transparent a stance of them, right on top of the tallest blocks on the board, they would be like ghosts, that would make it easyer for the player to visualise what is going to fall on what, since it is easy to make mistakes on such a big board of your games.

And MAKE THE CONTROLS FASTER! (ok, this one was yelling...)

wilsonbb responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, I will make sure these flaws are corrected in the next version!


Hey, the graphic and music are pretty decent, but
yeah game isn't all about graphic

The movement speed is too slow,
I mean the 2 guys carrying the block (or monster), is slow, and the speed of dropping a block is slow too, while the time for the next wave to drop is quite fast, so it was like this :

the number of blocks you can delete < the number of blocks which fill up

And I couldn't even clear level 1, cuz it was filling so darn fast..

Other than that it was like Knifington said, you can't know what your next block is, and you can't know when the next wave is gonna drop

Sorry dude, I was expecting more than this in your game though
You got the game concept but try to think about game balance and control too
Good luck!

wilsonbb responds:

Thanks for the feedbacks too.
Glad to know at least this game has something you like, graphic :)