Sudden Remakes 1

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What if a key actor of a certain movie was replaced with a certain Big Box Office Smash Hit Movie Star from Austria?
In that Galaxy far far away, the terrible death planet cannon is aimed at the home base planet of the heroic rebel forces! The end is near for all that is good and white in the universe! Only a small grain of hope remains. The building plans of the death planet has fallen into the hands of the rebels. The planet of doom has a weak point! The Rebel forces send their best pilots, lead by Lutze Skyscraper!
But can even Lutze prevail against the menacing Dark Vader?!

Thank you for all the feed back, guys!

In response to complains about the sound quality, I went back to my flash file, increased the bit rate and republished the film. Thankfully this awesome site allows for updates in mid stream.

I should clarify the credits.
The writing, ideas Nic and I worked out together.
Nic Quesnel did all the voices except one.
Earle Peach composed the music and added sound FX
Markus Radtke (Me) directed and animated the film.
Sudden Remakes 1 was roughly three month in the making.

To all the people who wrote reviews...
Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!



I want to see the whole trilogy remade this way, and with Vin Deasel as Anikan in the prequels!

Holy Shit Daymn!

That was one amazing animation

Total Favourite!!

Well done !!

Good animation overall.

People are praising your idea, but you took that concept from a Fairly Odd Parents episode. So, I won't congratulate you on that so much - because hey, you DID develop the concept to a nice level.

This animation is not without merit, though: the art is pretty good, and the movie is as faithful to the actual scene from Star Wars as possible while doing those Arnold Schwarzenegger jokes.

The sound quality was bad, the voices muffed; the animation was a bit choppy. But it was still pretty well done, so, congratulations.


It was overall a nice concept of Arnold as Luke.

I think what made me laugh the most was the fact his hair was blowing in outer space.

good one

nice animations, great idea.

Use next time some more frames and its perfect :)

mfg Deckai

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4.27 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2008
3:18 PM EST
Comedy - Parody