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*Edit* From Kingbastard and I...
"Thank you for the front page! Thank you to reviewers! Kingbastard now owes me a beer... haha :D Isn't Newgrounds a great place? Where artists can come together in sport of help and merry. Truely this site is better than a million disco techs."

A story I've held onto for 3 years now...

This story means something. I'm not gonna say what because that would ruin it for you. Just watch and love it.

Featuring "Sitting" by Kingbastard... Buy his new album... It's healthy for your ears.
Character Designer - Tanis Martin
Menu Music - The W's "The Devil is Bad"
Credit Music - Yogi - "[Angry Young Man]"



First off, Great animation. This was one of the most meaningful piece of have seen on Newgrounds. When watching it i felt like this story was hiding in the back of my mind. From what i understand and felt from this, it was the unification of life as we know. how everyone is joining the bandwagon due to fads or the popularity of a trend. Each person on the line had their own color, meaning that they were different from the rest. The little orb removed from their chest was their free will and differential personalities. The red (known as a color of rebellion, aggression, and heroin) person woke from the chain line and broke free from the grasp of unification. I would explain about the gray persons but as you can tell, they were unified lost in the assembly line. When the red one was recaptured, the items that was pulled out of him were memories so to say. Things that made him human and different. So added on in the unification, they lose their humanity. But instead of accepting this, the red one rebelled once again to claim his own fate/ destiny, showing that we, ourselves, are the only one's that can shape our future.

Loved the animation, and loved the openness the story has wile still addressing a point.


The song was awesome, and the animation just amde it perfect ^^_^^


so wut does it mean exactly?
great flash but i dont rly ger it reply to tell


Holy shit, that is dark! I suppose that it makes a statement about the limits of the mind and body in a world in which the degree of control exerted by a company or government.

Seems an awful lot like...

Reminds me of this one music video from the 90s.

I was too young at the time to remember the title.

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4.31 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2008
2:37 AM EST