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*Edit* From Kingbastard and I...
"Thank you for the front page! Thank you to reviewers! Kingbastard now owes me a beer... haha :D Isn't Newgrounds a great place? Where artists can come together in sport of help and merry. Truely this site is better than a million disco techs."

A story I've held onto for 3 years now...

This story means something. I'm not gonna say what because that would ruin it for you. Just watch and love it.

Featuring "Sitting" by Kingbastard... Buy his new album... It's healthy for your ears.
Character Designer - Tanis Martin
Menu Music - The W's "The Devil is Bad"
Credit Music - Yogi - "[Angry Young Man]"


Good Story

It was a good story even without the happy ending i was hoping for.

It was supported 2 b that way

Really this animation pulls on the heart strings of the people, that through out there lives felt that there was more then this world has to offer. It is a feeling that most of us have felt, and to capture this feeling in animation and storytelling really means something. ya the story might have been done before but hasn't every emotion??? drama is a lot harder to capture in a short than humor, so for that I give you a 10/10. great work

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To all those asking what this is about

It's kind of obvious, but I'll give you it in layman's terms.
It's about someone who doesn't want to become just another cog in the machine, and escapes from the ordinary to the unknown, even though it looks like the people in the ordinary are happy, he's willing to take the risk to see what life holds in store for him outside the confines of society. And in the end he doesn't succeed.

For the record, this is what each of the things in the story symbolize:

The factory:


Contentment and conformity

The force of autocracy imposing its will

Also freedom.

Escape from a society that doesn't accept and doesn't care.

Overall, it's a pretty angsty tale of rebellion against the autocracy. People need to watch more experimental cinema before they fall into the trap of "oohh, so artistic... I don't understand it, so I love it!" This really isn't all that original, and for anyone with a basic film/narrative/metaphorical education, it's very easy to pick apart and tell what the message really is "If you don't want to end up a soulless drone, become different than everyone who you subjectively see yourself better than, reject their ideas which might actually come with more experience than you, and then when nothing works out, kill yourself." Personally, I'm not too convinced that's really the direction we should be going in, punishing difference and keeping people trying to find the differences between each other, instead of celebrating the similarities.

It all comes down to this: Teenage rebellion against the system is the most conformist thing you can do. Done. If you kill yourself when you have family and friends who love you is the most selfish, egotistical, and ignorant thing you could do. Love life, because it's all about perspective. Why don't more people make movies about that, huh? Because everyone's too busy being miserable. Fucking miserable people.

So yeah, that's broken down, it's not incredibly original, artistic, or metaphorically vague, it's just that the average newgrounds viewer has a comparable capacity for critical thinking to an inanimate pile of rocks. The animation was decent, and the song was catchy, so... 5/10

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this is a very good video, ive watched three or four time now but i still dont get what it means, can you plz tell me. its making my frustrated. (ps, the li'l red guy was kinda cute.)

that was f#cking fantastic

really good, but sorry didn't get the point of what the story was supposed to mean,

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Nov 9, 2008
2:37 AM EST