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Wooper's Adventure

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Hey Newgrounders, after months of... work? Yeah, work... I've got my first actual game! It revolves around a completely random Pokémon by the name of Wooper and his quest to save his sister, Woopette, from teh evil MUDKIPZ! (Save the girl? How original!) You go through 20 levels of puzzle/platforming in a Mario-like setting... in fact, it IS a Mario setting! Don't ask why. Mario has cameos everywhere. He's just cool like that. Anyway, I'll leave you with that; if there are any glitches, tell me, be sure to leave a review, ciao.


EDIT: 3.58? You guys were too kind! <33


Boy This Game Sure Did Suck Some Ass.

Dude this is such a step down from Pokemon Pee Red. This was quite literally programmed while you were high or asleep. And I sincerely doubt you're the kind of person who gets high, considering you're designing games. Congrats on NOT MAKING ME LAUGH >=(

OrangePylon responds:

Because it didn't live up to the hype you gave it after you saw Pee Red? You sound like I slapped you in the nuts with your own dead turtle. You didn't say ANYTHING about the game, and there therefore isn't anything for me to respond to other than: ...Have you ever seen Grandma's Boy?

amazing job

this is one of the most fun games i played thank you for making this.GOOD JOB.=)

OrangePylon responds:

You're welcome; it was really just for shits and giggles.


gameplay:glitchy you need to fix continue i completed the game in a minute.%0.5
overall:ouch need the fixing of gameplay.%63.3333333
if you delete this comment the game better be fixed so i can comment and raise your score.

OrangePylon responds:

I love how you only rank the absolute high or the absolute low.

You don't even tell me what to fix. Just that the gameplay is bad.

You completed the game in a minute? If you can send me a recording of you beating it in 1-2 minutes, then I will co-author you.*

And I can't delete comme-I MEAN REVIEWS; not that I ever even would. This is a feature that I much prefer over YouTube's alternative of being able to like a pussy.

*No smartassery like clicking level 16 right away.

your chin is too fat

It was alright, kinda glitchy at times but overall good, i liked the quickdraw too.
Personal Message me please, Say hello and ask for convenience..

OrangePylon responds:

Why would I PM you? For convenience? Wouldn't it be more convenient to leave any constructive criticism IN the review?

interesting platformer

some puzzles, challenge a Mario feel which would give u a 7 outta me, +2 for the T bag feature in the controls

OrangePylon responds:

That's an awful lotta points for just T-bagging Slowpoke.

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