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Wooper's Adventure

rated 3.82 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Puzzle

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Nov 7, 2008 | 9:54 PM EST

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Author Comments

Hey Newgrounders, after months of... work? Yeah, work... I've got my first actual game! It revolves around a completely random Pokémon by the name of Wooper and his quest to save his sister, Woopette, from teh evil MUDKIPZ! (Save the girl? How original!) You go through 20 levels of puzzle/platforming in a Mario-like setting... in fact, it IS a Mario setting! Don't ask why. Mario has cameos everywhere. He's just cool like that. Anyway, I'll leave you with that; if there are any glitches, tell me, be sure to leave a review, ciao.


EDIT: 3.58? You guys were too kind! <33



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

it was great

It was great, very cute, great music. Only problem I had with the game was on level 13, no matter what I did I couldn't get passed that ghost thing and had to use the level skip, maybe I wasn't doing something right or maybe its a glitch, just in case I thought I would still say something about it. But in closing I would have to say very good game and Hope to see more. Great Job!

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OrangePylon responds:

Ha! I feel so smart, someone actually got stuck on one of my levels! :P

You are not supposed to jump over the ghost, you jump the other way and make your way down after getting the key.

Thanks for the review! <3


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Better that I expected

this game is great but the quick draw is really easy.

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OrangePylon responds:

The Quick Draw was meant to be a quick little thing and was basically a test for myself to see if I could make one. It shouldn't be taken too seriously. Thanks for the 10!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


personifies the American culture perfectly. Nice Dr. Octagonupus reference.

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OrangePylon responds:

The Dr. Octagonapus thing was actually added last-minute. It was originally Wooper just shoop'ing Woopette, but I felt that this fit better. :P

Oh, and are you aware that Mudkip is now slang for buttsecks? So read over your review one more time with that in mind. ;P


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


its was cool.. i just dont like cheap difficulty like jump glitches and little cracks to squeeze through while jumping, bad hittest, getting killed being a single pixel too close to the enemy... "ugh" indeed

the code definitely could have better (but i guess it could with every game)..

'tighten' it up, possibly use original art next time? not that using sprites is bad but blending the two worlds (mario/pokemon art), stretching sizes, makes it look unnatural and awkward...

still i give it a 9/10 5/5 it didnt have to be extremely thought out you just went for it and it wasnt bad..

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OrangePylon responds:

There are tiny hitboxes inside the enemy to avoid such problems, if you believe you died without touching the enemy, it's probably because of Wooper's giant antlers.

I would love to use original art, but I can't animate or draw to save my life. Especially backgrounds or levels, which is why I needed the Mario tileset as Pokémon has none.

I appreciate you leaving a review and ESPECIALLY appreciate the constructive criticism which is scarce on NG these days. Thanks a ton. <3


Rated 5 / 5 stars


it was a great game to play and i hope to see more like it!

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OrangePylon responds:

I can't exactly guarantee you'll ever see anything quite like this again... and I'm not sure weather or not that's a good thing. :P

Thanks for the review!