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Sealed History (Part 1A)

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Suzuki Tsunami and the Scarlet Steels - Sealed History (Part 1 Chapter 1)

Finally, the first installment of the three part Suzuki Tsunami pilot episode is here! In this exciting first half of the episode, reveal the origins of Suzuki Tsunami and the universe that she lives in! Second half of the first part will be uploaded soon!


Animated, Written and Directed by Glen B.Wang

Additional Screenplay by Anthony 'A-Log' LoGatto

Music by Selcuk 'MaestroRage' Bor

Featuring the voice of Mike Pollock (Sonic X) as The Narrator

Based on ideas and characters by Glen B.Wang, Anthony 'A-Log' LoGatto and the Santos Brothers

P.S. Be sure to check out our previous installments in the Suzuki Tsunami and the Scarlet Steels Fan-cartoon website!

Another Important Note: For some users, some have complained of the movie's inability to play automatically after the preloader finishes loading it. If it happens to your PC, please right-click on the mouse and press 'Play'.

2008 (C) Glen B.Wang/A-Log/Santos Bros.

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more pls

its got me wanting more


one thing though, you should have a replay button, not just loop it


It reminds me of a cartoon I used to watch called papyrus which was a bout egyptian gods and sort of like samurai jack
good work!

veeeery nice

this is just great job, i agree with others that you could be really well paid, but such a skill would be ashamed if someone tried to express it on some prizeless paper covered with numbers...your movie has real value!!


I'm sorry to see that this great film slipped through the cracks. Although for some reason, it wouldn't start playing for me at first; I had to right-click and specifically press "Play" in the menu options. If others had the same problem, that may have something to do with the low score. (also, a suggestion: don't have the animation automatically repeat from the beginning again at the end)

In any case, the concept of a fight among gods was nothing new but the execution was spectacular. The art direction reminded me strongly of woodcuts from the 1920s/1930s, or of some Czech animation styles (i.e. the 1985 film "Krysar"). It was great. And the direction was good, as was the music.

Another suggestion here: listing MaestroRage's score under "additional music" makes no sense, because the link goes to Amazon and there's nothing there. Maybe you should list him as "co-author" instead (it is now possible to assign specific roles to co-authors such as "music", "coding", etc).

glenbw responds:

Ahh, thanks for your kind remarks here, Esn!
Actually, I ask someone else to put a preloader on it (the previous submissions are criticized for the lack of it) and I only realize of the problem when I start playing it on Newgrounds. I'll see what I can do to fix this problem.
It's true the battle between the gods is not an innovative idea but it's a part of classic storytelling that has inspires all forms of medium (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Batman, Superman, you name it!) and that's why stuff like this never gets out of style and still remain a valuable element to tell a story to the audience. And also thanks for telling me the problem of not putting a link page to the composer's website: I've fixed the issue and now you can go straight to his portfolio website and explore his contributions to Newgrounds this far. Enjoy!

- Glen B.Wang

Credits & Info

3.01 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2008
12:09 AM EST