Gravity/ Upward Fan Engin

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Just add the 3 line code:
if (this.hitTest(//object of which you name goes here//)){
fall = 0;
or if your really into it just add an array. Your decision.

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Has potential

This game has potential, if you just apply "your creativity" into it.
I'm a bit creative, so here's my thoughts on this engine:

It could turn into a game, if:

> You make the fan graphics better
> You make the graphics better
> Add better sound
> Put obstacles on the way, just like Ballance (Google it)
> Add texturing to the ball and BG.
These are all beginnings, build upon these ideas !

For example, you can make a bridge that tends to snap if you jump too much, and at one end the bridge suddenly stops. You can then make an option to change the ball to cotton, then there's a fan. You jump on that fan, that fan pushes you up, cross the bridge.....etc. Then, there's ONE little part where you have to take the utmost care in going monorail -- You line yourself in the middle, but the wind blows you away...you're dead.

Oh, yeah, make the HitTesting a little better. You can slam into the grate and go through it.

If you've dropped the project, then can you give me the source? I'll build upon it and I'll credit you..


Is this the first flash game you've made?

4 the idiots that commented.........

its an engine, not a game


a game about a ball getting floated by a fan...Please tell me this is your first game submission.


Pointless game, once you get the ball to dip low enough on the fan you can make it fall off the screen and it doesnt re-spawn

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2.36 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2008
9:56 PM EST