Legends Of Laundry

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Legends of Laundry is set in the once-peaceful area of Four Farms - a farming community that has recently fallen under a rather nasty curse. Floating cows, scarecrows come to life, mischievous imps and angry rat men are among the problems the farmers have to face.

Seems the adventurers that have been helping out the farmers have been getting covered in all manner of gruesome stains. Impit ichor, smashed pumpkin, cowpats and more. Poor Elena Brooker the laundry girl could really do with some help. You look pretty handy with a scrubbing brush, so what are you waiting for, get to it!

Drag the mouse to scrub three or more stains of the same color. Pay attention! Some clothes may have several stains. Be sure to read the in-game instructions for some other tips!


All hail Twin Skies!

Excellent game :3

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confusing at times

perhaps some completely different colour stains, dayam that orange and red were easy to gt confused with! apart for that AWESOME!

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Legends Of Laundry

It Was Definitely Challenging After The Level Where All The Clothes Came In

Not Going To Say Which

Had fun

Keep up the good work

and the good animation

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Actually, really cool.

Being about laundry, I was really kinda expecting something wacky. But this ended up being very interesting. I've never seen a game with this sort of principle of game-play. It's very innovative, and it takes skill to play well. I could tell you made it with an eye toward people being able to judge their next moves to open up even larger combinations and scoring/time-boosting strings.

My only real complaint is that it is kind of hard to see the "stains". The clothing items are pretty intricate, and it makes the play-area somewhat busy. Granted, this is what adds a level of complexity to it, but it just seemed a bit too busy.

Anyway, great game.

very good

nice game and music

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3.46 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2008
2:20 PM EST
Puzzles - Other