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Physic Music Pop

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Author Comments

A small experiement I've been doing, mixing with the computeSpectrum function, for you who are familiar with Flash and AS3. How well it turned out is something which I'm not so sure...

The blocks fall down according to the beat of the music, but because of the lag from the physic libary Box2d, which I've included, I'm not able to display more than 35 blocks on the stage, and you don't really get the feel of the music that you should.

I Still I think it 's a nice and fun time waster just trying to beat each others highscore.

Have fun with it, and good luck!

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A very unique idea. I understand this is just an experiment but I wonder if after all these years somebody has managed to implement this into a full game. Even as a bare bones test, it is surprisingly functional and fun. However, the whole "boxes fall in tune with the music" thing does not work all the time. I feel this might be because of the 36 box limit, thus breaking the beat and getting the engine confused. I dunno. What you have here is good overall.


Very creative idea, it looked very nice too. I played it for a long time.


I really enjoyed it, good job with all the good coding and graphics! :D

It was cool......

Needed a little something extra but i cant figure out what it needs, sorry not to much help on my end!

there is a problem

i downloaded and did put the name of my song in the bar it doesent realy load it just keeps infinty for ever bye the way nice game realy good